Which American Girl Doll Are You?

Which American Girl Doll Are You
American Girl

The American Girl brand has revolutionized the doll industry by introducing diverse characters. In recent years, it has become popular for representing underrepresented groups such as Native Americans and people with disabilities. Which American Girl Doll are you? It won’t be hard to find out since you only need to complete the quiz on our site.

The company has historical characters, babies, and more. Fans can even create their own dolls. They can choose a starter doll before customizing the doll’s fashion and features.

What To Know About American Girl

Although the company has expanded to other formats, American Girl is primarily known for its dolls. The American company launched a line of 18-inch dolls in May 1986. When someone purchases a doll, they’ll also receive an accompanying book that tells a story from the girl’s perspective. Initially, the stories focused on American history.

Since then, the stories have become more contemporary and involve everyday life. The first dolls were created by the Pleasant Company, which was founded in Middleton, Wisconsin, in 1986. In 1998, the company was purchased by Mattel for $700 million. It is now a subsidiary of Mattel.

In 2021, American Girl was added to the National Toy Hall of Fame. It has also won eight Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Awards. Thanks to the popularity of the doll entourage, the characters have been turned into several films.

Many people ask, “Which American Girl doll are you?” The test will provide them with relevant answers.

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Kaya (Kaya’aton’my)

With a proud Native American background, “She Who Arranges Rocks” hails from the Nimiipuu or Nez Perce tribe. Her upbringing amongst the rough and rugged exterior of the western frontier makes her an enduring adventurous. People like Kaya could survive in the remotest part of the wilderness.

Despite the rugged exterior, people who have a connection with Kaya are kind at heart with an innate love towards animals, horses in particular. 

Felicity Merriman

In her heyday during the early American Revolution War, Felicity was a force to be reckoned with. She has enough world experiences to know the limitations of one’s upbringing and background. As a female in the early times, Felicity was constantly frustrated with how women were being held back by different forces. You might be a true feminist at heart if you connect with Felicity.

Felicity’s fiery red hair could not depict her personality any better. While some redheads might not truly be redheads at heart, this is not the case for the daring Felicity. Combine the fiery red hair with a rowdy, adventurous personality, and you get a woman who does not shy away from standing up for other women.


If Felicity is your genuine southern belle, it would be Caroline that is the city girl.

Caroline, much like Felicity, came up in the olden times. It was her constant exposure to the limitations of women during her day that led to her tomboyish nature.

Do not be fooled by the playful curly golden locks because she is not afraid to unleash their mind. Caroline is your classic personality that likes to act before thinking. This can likely be attributed to coming up around her father, who was a successfully devout shipbuilder that made his name known worldwide.

A daddy’s girl personality!

Match With An American Girl Doll

The American Girl franchise remains immensely popular, with new dolls being introduced regularly. The dolls and books have been around since the mid-80s, although they’ve become even more popular in recent years. Typically, the dolls attempt to portray boys and girls ranging from eight to 14 years old.

In recent years, American Girl has become more diverse by representing Native Americans and people with disabilities. Do you wonder, “Which American Girl doll are you?” This quiz will help you discover your match within minutes. Answer the questions to find your perfect doll.



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