QUIZ: Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?

which powerpuff girl are you

Cartoon Network is home to many great animated shows and cartoons. Nevertheless, The Powerpuff Girls remains one of the most popular and longest-running franchises. The franchise has inspired countless television shows, movies, television specials, and video games. Which Powerpuff Girl are you? Since there is a large cast, it can be hard to find out on your own.

The quiz ensures that fans of the series can quickly identify the Powerpuff Girl they identify with the most. Will it be Buttercup, Bubbles, Blossom, or Professor Drake Utonium?

Understanding The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls is an American television series that was made by Craig McCracken. Originally, it was produced by Hanna-Barbera until Cartoon Network Studios took over. The series follows several genetically engineered girls who save the world using their unstoppable superpowers. They live in Townsville with their creator named, Professor Drake Utonium.

Usually, the episodes involve the city’s mayor getting help from the girls to save the city from criminals and villains. Over the years, The Powerpuff Girls has won several awards, including two Annie Awards and two Emmy Awards.

It remains the longest-running franchise on Cartoon Network, having lasted for more than 23 years. The first episode of the television show debuted on November 18, 1998. It ran for six seasons and was followed by Powerpuff Girls Z. The television series was revived in 2016.


With respect for authority and incredibly deep leadership values, Blossom doesn’t have a problem taking the lead role in this gang of female superheroes. As the self-proclaimed leader, it’s a role in which she thrives. She regularly feeds off the pressure and uses it to thwart criminal activities.

She’d be a good match for anyone with strong leadership skills.


People with an infectiously upbeat demeanor would best match this lovable, bubbly character. A bubble personality is always sweet and upbeat, even in the toughest scenarios. While she is the youngest member of the crime-fighting trio, her age has nothing to do with her friendly and playful nature.

It is simply who she is. When her anger comes out, those in her path better run for the hills.


Anyone with that rough and rugged bulldog mentality can identify with Buttercup. Despite her cute and fun appearance, Buttercup is one of the toughest heroes any villain could ever encounter. Someone who can turn on their mean, aggressive, and rebellious side by flipping a switch can identify with Buttercup.

Buttercup is always immensely vocal about her dislike for all things girly. She is one of the most notable tomboys in animated television.

Powerpuff Girls Character Quiz

Which Powerpuff Girl are you? Fans of the long-running series want to know which character matches them and their personality. If you fit into this group, you’ve come to the right place. The quiz on this page makes it easy to identify your closest match.

It was created by enthusiastic fans of The Powerpuff Girls, so they know the characters better than anyone. By answering a few questions, the system will find out which character matches you. The answers are private, so you can rest assured knowing your privacy will be protected.

Complete The Quiz

The Powerpuff Girls has created a legion of fans around the globe. Fans love the series because the stories are fun, and the characters are powerful. Which Powerpuff Girl are you? Is it time to find out? Thankfully, you can do so in a few minutes by finishing the quiz on this page. Start the quiz and answer the simple questions.

Once you’ve finished, the system will study your answers to find out which character matches your answers the best. Then, you’ll know which character you’d be in this animated series.

Questions Preview

1. What kind of fashion style do you prefer?
  1. Classic and timeless looks
  2. Cute and colorful outfits
  3. Edgy and bold clothing choices
  4. Simple and comfortable clothing that's easy to move in
2. Which Powerpuff Girls villain do you relate to the most?
  1. Mojo Jojo, the brilliant but flawed mastermind
  2. HIM, the mysterious and manipulative devil
  3. Sedusa, the seductive and cunning thief
  4. Fuzzy Lumpkins, the grumpy and territorial hillbilly
3. What kind of vacation do you prefer?
  1. A relaxing beach getaway with plenty of sun and sand
  2. A fun-filled theme park adventure with lots of rides and attractions
  3. A nature retreat with hiking and camping in the great outdoors
  4. A city exploration with lots of culture, art, and history
4. What kind of animal do you feel most connected to?
  1. A wise owl who is always observing and learning
  2. A cute and cuddly kitten who is playful and affectionate
  3. A fierce tiger who is strong and fearless
  4. A loyal dog who is always by your side
5. How do you approach making new friends?
  1. Take your time and get to know people slowly
  2. Be open and friendly to everyone you meet
  3. Look for people who share your interests and hobbies
  4. Wait for others to approach you first
6. Which Powerpuff Girls catchphrase do you relate to the most?
  1. Blossom's "Commander and the leader"
  2. Bubbles' "The joy and the laughter"
  3. Buttercup's "The toughest fighter"
  4. The Powerpuff Girls' "Saving the world before bedtime"
7. When making decisions, which do you rely on more - your head or your heart?
  1. My head, I prefer to use logic and reasoning
  2. My heart, I prefer to use my intuition and feelings
  3. It depends on the situation, I use a mix of both
  4. I'm not sure
8. Do you prefer spending time with others or alone?
  1. Others, I thrive on social interaction and being around people
  2. Alone, I need time to recharge and reflect on my own
  3. It depends on the situation, I enjoy a mix of both
  4. I'm not sure
9. When facing a problem, do you prefer to brainstorm and gather information or take immediate action?
  1. Brainstorm and gather information, I want to make sure I have all the facts before acting
  2. Take immediate action, I want to address the problem head-on and come up with a solution quickly
  3. It depends on the situation, I may use either approach depending on the circumstances
  4. I'm not sure
10. Are you more comfortable with abstract concepts or concrete details?
  1. Abstract concepts, I enjoy thinking about big-picture ideas and theories
  2. Concrete details, I prefer to focus on practical and tangible information
  3. It depends on the situation, I can work with either type of information
  4. I'm not sure
11. Which Powerpuff Girls character's personality do you find the most relatable?
  1. Blossom's intelligence and leadership skills
  2. Bubbles' sweetness and empathy
  3. Buttercup's toughness and bravery
  4. The Powerpuff Girls' combined qualities and strengths
12. Which Powerpuff Girls character would you want to be your mentor?
  1. Ms. Keane, the girls' teacher who always has wise advice
  2. The Professor, the girls' father and brilliant scientist
  3. The Mayor, the friendly but forgetful leader of the city
  4. The Powerpuff Girls themselves, as role models and inspiration
13. What kind of TV shows do you like to watch?
  1. Dramatic and thought-provoking series
  2. Cute and lighthearted comedies
  3. Action-packed shows with lots of excitement
  4. Quirky and offbeat shows that are different from the norm
14. How do you handle stress and pressure?
  1. Retreat into yourself and find a quiet place to think
  2. Talk to others and seek advice or support
  3. Push through and work harder to accomplish your goals
  4. Ignore it and pretend everything is fine
15. What kind of personality trait do you admire the most in others?
  1. Intelligence and wit
  2. Kindness and compassion
  3. Fearlessness and courage
  4. Confidence and assertiveness


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