Goku Quiz: How Well Do You Know Him?

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How well do you know the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series? Do you think you know enough about Son Goku to solve this quiz easily? Goku is the most colorful anime character we have ever dealt with. That’s why we’ve made sure that this Goku Quiz is as close to the main character of the Dragon Ball series as possible. This Dragon Ball trivia quiz will make you think a little bit. This is not a typical quiz that can be found on the Internet. This is one of the most interesting and best-made quizzes that will surely make you want to share it with your friends.

Who Is Son Goku?

Son Goku is the main character of the Dragon Ball anime series. Goku is a Saiyan who was born on the planet Vegeta, but he was sent to Earth in the first days of his life. His Saiyan name is Kakarot (amine) or Kakarrot (manga). Goku-san is one of the greatest warriors of all time.

Just after his birth, Goku was sent to Earth by his parents to destroy the planet. On Earth, he was found by an old man named Gohan. Later on, Goku became Gohan’s adopted grandson. As a kid, Goku was very aggressive due to his race. Every Sayian’s characteristic is violence and aggression. One day, Goku fell down the hole and hit his head. After that, the main protagonist of Dragon Ball changed by 180 degrees. He became an average child. And then the best Dragon Ball story begins. You know the rest, as you are here to solve the Goku Quiz, aren’t you?

Read on for some more exciting facts about our Saiyan, and then you jump right into the quiz!


Even though Son Goku can destroy planets with one finger movement, he is terrified of trivial things, like needles in this case. In one of the anime episodes, we witnessed Goku being afraid of a needle and running away like a little child. Speaking of Goku’s weaknesses, it is worth adding that he is terribly afraid of his wife, Chi-Chi. Kakarrot can fight the most powerful fighters in the galaxy, but when it comes to confronting his wife, he is in a losing position.

Goku represents many important qualities, such as courage, devotion, love, and friendship. However, you probably remember Gohan’s fight with Cell. When Gohan was about to start the battle against Cell, where the fate of humanity was taking place, Goku threw a Senzu Bean to Cell to let him regain his vitality, making him an even more difficult opponent. These kinds of decisions make us believe that some of Goku’s traits aren’t fully explained. Maybe otherwise, his courage or devotion to loved ones doesn’t always mean that he cares for them. Goku also wants to prove that he and his team are the best fighters in the series and that spectacular fights are something he lives for.

Goku has had many fights in his life, and he did not get out of all of them. His friends had to use the Dragon Balls many times to resurrect him. With each new Dragon Ball series, stronger and stronger opponents appear. 

New films, such as the movie about Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, are also being made. This film shows the fight between the Saiyan mentioned above and Goku & Vegeta. Thanks to his skills, Broly is able to win the battle against the ones mentioned above. However, thanks to fusion, they manage to win a fight for life and death. If you are also a fan of non-canon characters and other tidbits and news about Dragon Ball, then feel free to check out the Broly Quiz.

Collect Ki Energy To Get Through The Goku Quiz

This quiz will reveal some facts about Goku that you probably didn’t know. It contains questions about Goku’s life from the main Dragon Ball series to Z, ending on DB GT. How well do you know this Super Saiyan Warrior? Your power level needs to be over 9000 even to start the quiz! What does the scouter say? Your quiz score has to be high. Otherwise, Nappa will come for you.

Show your love for the Dragon Ball anime and start the Son Goku Quiz! Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your score! Good luck!



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