Dragon Ball Super: Broly Quiz: How Well You Remember?

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is the newest Dragon Ball movie released in January 2019 (USA). The plot of DBS: Broly movie takes place after the Tournament of Power of the Dragon Ball Super series. Have you watched the movie? Do you think that Broly is stronger than Jiren? Did you like it? You can test your knowledge and memory about the movie In this Dragon Ball Super: Broly Quiz.

About Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie

Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie tells a story about an unknown Sayian named Broly, who was sent to planet Vampa when he was a kid. Broly spent most of his life on this planetoid with no humanoid life forms. He was on Vampa with his father. After many years, two Frieza warriors accidentally found the planet. They rescued Broly and his father and flew with them to Frieza. Soon, Frieza notices that this wild Saiyan has an incredible power level, and decides to send him to Earth to fight Goku and Vegeta. Frieza's main goal is to have revenge on Goku and to collect the Dragon Balls. When Frieza, Broly, and the rest of the Frieza army arrives on Earth, then the real fight begins. If you have watched the Dragon Ball: Super Broly movie, then you know how it ended and how powerful Saiyan Broly is.

About the quiz

The Dragon Ball: Super Broly Quiz contains 11 questions. You have to be a great Dragon Ball fan in order to complete the quiz with a maximum score. So, how well do you remember the newest Dragon Ball movie? Can you answer these questions with ease? Do you think that the quiz will be a piece of cake for you? Start the quiz and find out if you're a real Dragon Ball fan! Good luck!

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