Which Steven Universe Character Are You?

which Steven Universe character are you
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The show was on air for several years and inspired a movie and another series. Which Steven Universe character are you? While there are other characters, most viewers will sympathize with Steven Universe, Pearl, Garnet, or Amethyst.

Cartoon Network is home to some of the best-animated television shows in recent memory, but few can compete with Steven Universe. The Cartoon Network hit first aired on November 4, 2013. It quickly gained popularity among people of all ages thanks to its engaging stories and quirky characters. The runtime is only 11 minutes, so Steven Universe is a good show for busy individuals. Even if you’ve got to get up early for work, you can watch a few episodes before bed.

The Hit TV Show Steven Universe

Some animated television shows do not withstand the test of time because the quality drops after a few episodes. Steven Universe managed to buck the trend by running for several years. Even today, newcomers stream and fall in love with the silly animated series. It was created by Rebecca Sugar before being aired on Cartoon Network. While the story changes from episode to episode, it primarily focuses on the coming-of-age journey of a boy named Steven Universe.

Steven lives in the town of Beach City alongside magical aliens. While the show is meant to be humorous, it still covers important topics such as family, love, and interpersonal relationships. The show aired from November 4, 2013, until January 21, 2019. Which Steven Universe character are you? With a long list of popular characters, you must find the one that best fits your lifestyle and personality.

If you’re a nurturing individual, Steven Universe might be your character. Either way, completing the quiz is the best way to find out.

Meet The Real Players Behind Steven Universe

Any show can easily be defined by its characters. Unfortunately, that can sometimes be a bad thing. The impressive cast of characters is likely why Cartoon Network picked up Rebecca Sugar’s animated series, Steven Universe originally.

Steven Universe

There would be no Steven Universe without Steven. That’s the exact attitude his character brings to the series. Although he is bold, Steven tends to be humble, and he is undeniably loveable. Above all else, the thing that is so refreshing about Steven is his honest and pure character. Steven is a true optimist who believes that there is some good within everyone.


It’s hard for any fan not to get behind a character that goes from bad to good. It is Peridot’s social awkwardness that reveals her likable nature. She’s inexcusably rude and still a bit on the dastardly side, despite turning into a hero. Although she was introduced later in the series, she has easily won over fans with her bold personality.

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Garnet is known for her stoic personality. At times, it’s hard for many to grasp what the character is feeling. She exudes a powerful coolness that distinguishes the character from others. The character may align with your personality if you regularly hide your emotions.

Let The Quiz Reveal Your Steven Universe Character

Ready to find out which Steven Universe character you are? With beautifully complex characters like Steven, Garnet, Pearl, and Connie, this show has something for everyone. Fans are eager to figure out how they’d fit into the series if they were transformed into a character. Would you be the main protagonist and fill the shoes of Steven Universe? Does your stoic behavior mean you’re similar to Garnet?

The quiz was created by fans of Steven Universe, who’ve watched every episode countless times. With their expertise, the quiz will provide an accurate answer so you’ll know which character you’d be in Steven Universe.



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