Dere Quiz: What Dere Type Are You? Which 1 of 12?


The year 2000 brought anime “dere” personality types to the fore. This is most clearly seen in the Harem anime series, although it has long since begun to seep into all other categories. Taking all of this into account, this article will introduce you to some of the most popular personality types that have changed the anime industry. However, we have also prepared something else, namely a very absorbing dere quiz that will answer the question “what dere am I?”

We meet different people in our lives, be it at school, on the street, at work, or anywhere else. But what would you do if you had Yandere or Kuudere standing in front of you? How would you deal with them in order not to lose your head? Perhaps you yourself are one of these personality types. What type of dere are you? Enjoy the read, then start the dere quiz.

Dere Types

Anime is so extensive and gives such a range of possibilities that it is impossible to precisely determine how many types, genres, and subgenres it is divided into. We will present only the most famous ones and discuss them.


Tsundere means the opposite of what they say. Yes means no, and no means yes. They have too much pride to admit to being wrong, especially if anything is related to them. This personality type is so common and famous in the anime industry that memes have been made. These are some of the most popular personality types. Tsundere has been popular since 2000. Here are the four characters that made it:

  • Taiga from Toradora
  • Shana from Shakugan no Shana
  • Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku
  • Louise from Zero no Tsukaima

These four are called The Four Tsundere Wonders. Each character is different and yet the same. In a way, this has helped with anime’s popularity on the internet and acts as a gateway to the industry.


Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats is a famous example and one of the main Kuudere. These characters are cold and inaccessible. They do not trust other people. But their cold nature is not malignant. It is more about their behavior and appearance. One thing Kuudere has in common is that they are introverts. It is impossible to get an extroverted anime character and Kuudere at the same time. Characters like this have influenced the industry to this day and have changed how we look at anime characters.


A good example here is Erina Nakiri from Shokugeki no Soma. In fact, she is one of the most famous Himdere. They believe that they are more unique than in reality. They have enough pride and ego to be showered with laurels. Even if Himedere is not a princess, she expects to be treated like a princess. This personality type is not as influential as the others, but it is still relevant and known throughout the anime community. These types of characters are easy to spot.


Yui Yuigahama from OreGairu is a perfect example. Deredere are stereotypical anime girls who are optimistic, polite, and energetic. They also care about the characters they like. Although they are not as famous as Tsundere, everyone knows this type of personality anyway. They played a large role in shaping many romances and comedies.


Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live is a popular Yandere. Considered the best waifu by many anime fans. Yandere isn’t the type to poke fun at. They’re ruthless when it comes to setting boundaries. They will do anything for a loved one, even if it means murder. There is a reason why Yandere are so famous – they are the wildest and most dangerous type of personality. They played a great role in shaping anime in the 21st century.


Dandere are quiet and withdrawn, spend their time alone, and are too anti-social to be in a group. They’re no different from a shy person with social anxiety. Like Himedere, Dandere is not the most famous personality type, but they are known enough and played a role in shaping anime in the 21st century. Naruto’s Hinata is probably the first and most recognizable Dandere in history.

Dere Quiz – How To Play?

Indubitably, there are many more personality types beyond the above, but these six have influenced the anime industry more than any other and are most familiar to the average viewer. What personality type do you like the most? Moreover, what dere are you? Cold Kuudere? Quiet Dandere? Perhaps ruthless Yandere? Just take our Dere quiz, and you’ll know soon enough. The quiz consists of 15 questions. Questions that will analyze your personality in-depth and assign you a certain type of dere. Ready? Let’s start the test!



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