Which Loud House Character Are You?

Which Loud House Character Are You

Have you ever caught yourself weighing which Loud House character you are? Well, the time has come to find out. The quiz presented here is the result of diligent efforts from experts who’ve watched every episode of The Loud House and are familiar with every twist and turn of the Lincoln Loud family adventures. Their knowledge has paved the way for you to discover your cartoon twin from this renowned Nickelodeon series.

What’s The Loud House About?

The Loud House, created by Chris Savino, is an animated series that provides an in-depth look at the life of Lincoln Loud, a boy who grows up in a house with ten sisters. This Nickelodeon hit offers a humorous and endearing perspective on what it’s like to survive the chaos of a large family, especially when each member comes with a unique personality and set of interests.

First aired in 2016, The Loud House quickly gained a tremendous fanbase. This came as no surprise, given its relatable scenarios, fun animation, and comical humor. The series takes us through Lincoln’s challenges and the entertaining dynamics of the Loud siblings. It also touches on various themes pertinent to teenage life, making it relatable to its core audience.

Meet Some of The Loud Characters

The success of The Loud House can be attributed to its characters. Wondering which ones you might be most like? Here’s a brief overview:

Lincoln Loud 

Being the only boy in a family of eleven kids isn’t easy. With his trusty walkie-talkie and comic book obsession, Lincoln finds innovative ways to navigate the chaos. He’s the middle child and often takes the role of the show’s narrator.

Lori Loud 

The eldest of the siblings, Lori, is often seen with her smartphone, texting her boyfriend Bobby. She takes on the motherly role for her younger siblings, often driving them around and providing guidance.

Luna Loud

If you hear rock music in the Loud household, it’s likely coming from Luna’s room. Inspired by famous rock artists, she aspires to become a rockstar and often shares her musical talent with her family.

Leni Loud 

Fashion-forward Leni, the second eldest, is sweet and naive. With her heart in the right place, she always aims to spread positivity.

There are many more characters, making the show an absolute delight. So, which Loud House character are you?

So, How Can You Discover Your Loud House Alter Ego?

It’s simple! By participating in the quiz, you’ll answer 15 questions tailored to explore various aspects of your personality. Your responses will then be assessed to determine your closest match from the Loud House universe.

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Wait no more! Jump into the quiz and discover which Loud House character mirrors your persona.



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