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In My Hero Academia, becoming a hero requires strength - a special power that will set you apart from the crowd. The main character, Izuku Midoriya, is constantly tested by a fatal flaw - he is devoid of a quirk, has no special power. However, with time, everything changes thanks to his idol - All Might. Quirk is not the only way to success because muscle strength also counts, and tactics play the most important role. So let's move to the world of superheroes for a moment and check what superpower you could have through a quirk generator.

As you may have learned from our My Hero Academia trivia quiz, the first person in the world to have a gift was a newborn baby in Qing Qing city. This child had the ability to emit light from his body. Soon after this incident, many people around the world began to manifest all sorts of supernatural abilities. And while the cause of these powers is as yet unknown, various theories have been put forward, including that the appearance of quirks is related to a virus transmitted by mice.

My Hero Academia Quirks

In MHA, quirks are the next step in the evolution of the human race. It is estimated that about 80% of the entire population has some sort of gift. These superpowers are physical abilities, and like muscles and physical strength, they can be properly trained.

Take a bit of your imagination and think about what quirk you would like to have? Would it be a powerful One For All? Or maybe the possibility of disappearing through Invisibility? How about Black Hole? Whatever it is, check out some of the heroes' most interesting abilities, then start our quirk generator quiz.

One For All

One For All allows its owner to access the accumulated power, which provides the user with temporary superhuman strength, increased agility, increased hearing, and superhuman speed. This quirk is distinguished by the fact that it can be "inherited" by others. It can be passed on from one holder to another.


This quirk allows the owner to control the mind of the person who responded to him. As a result, a person with this power can order another person to do anything, and he or she will do so without hesitation. Interestingly, the holder can control more than one person at a time.


This quirk gives its user the ability to generate blue flames from his body. It allows him to freely generate flames from any place on his body with minimal effort. It is a powerful quirk that can burn anything it touches almost instantly. These flames are believed to have a higher temperature than normal fire.


Overhaul is another incredibly powerful quirk thanks to which its user is able to tear his target to shreds. Just one finger touch is enough to destroy the enemy. The downside of this superpower is that you need both operable arms to use it. Without them, the holder is unable to activate his power.


Explosion is a power that allows the owner to release sweat with a composition similar to nitroglycerin on their hands and set it on fire to trigger an explosion. The user-generated fire shockwaves of this quirk are very powerful and devastating; they literally destroy anything in their way.

MHA Quirk Generator - How to Play?

The path to becoming a superhero isn't easy, unlike our quiz! To find out what kind of quirk you would have in the world of My Hero Academia, just answer a few simple and fun questions, and we'll match you a power. Quirk generator will perfectly match a superpower to your personality and other characteristics that set you apart. Ready? Let's get started!



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