QUIZ: Which Sally Face Character Are You?

which sally face character are you
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Are you curious to find out which character from the popular game Sally Face resonates with your persona? There’s a quiz right around the corner ready to tell you! The creators behind the quiz are die-hard Sally Face enthusiasts, having explored every nook and cranny of the game, ensuring that the quiz’s accuracy is spot on. So, which Sally Face character are you?

Before we reveal your matching Sally Face persona, you’ll need to answer some intriguing questions about your personality and how you’d handle specific scenarios. After some quick analysis, the character that mirrors you the closest will be unveiled!

The Inside Scoop on Sally Face

Sally Face, an episodic indie horror game, delves into the mysterious and dark adventures of a boy with a prosthetic face. The game, masterminded by Steve Gabry, has won the hearts of many with its wonderful storyline and great graphics. As players navigate the twisted universe of Sally Face, they encounter various characters.

Released in episodes, Sally Face quickly gained traction among gamers, carving a unique niche with its mix of horror and compelling narrative. Players find themselves engaged in a world filled with dark secrets, only made intriguing by the eclectic mix of characters that the game offers.

Noteworthy Characters from Sally Face

With its rapid rise to stardom since its release, Sally Face fans worldwide are intrigued to see which game character they align with. Could you possibly mirror Sal Fisher, Larry Johnson, Ashley Campbell, or perhaps Chug?

Sal Fisher

Sal, the protagonist, is a young boy with blue pigtails and a prosthetic face. Having been through traumatic experiences, Sal is brave, caring, and incredibly resourceful. His quest to uncover the dark mysteries of Addison Apartments sees him facing numerous challenges directly.

Larry Johnson

Larry is Sal’s best friend, the duo having shared countless adventures together. With his rocker aesthetic and loyal nature, Larry is both a supportive companion and a brave partner-in-crime for Sal throughout their investigative journey.

Ashley Campbell

Ashley, commonly known as Ash, is another close friend of Sal. She’s smart, artsy, and has a keen intuition. Often the voice of reason, Ash is pivotal in aiding Sal and Larry in their quests.


Chug is a memorable character in the Sally Face universe, known for his larger-than-life physique and kind-hearted nature. Though he may seem intimidating at first glance, Chug’s loyalty and sincerity shine through in the game.

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Taking The Sally Face Character Quiz

Wondering how to get started? It’s simple! Engage with the quiz, answering questions about your preferences, likes, and personality traits. Once completed, your responses will be matched against the unusual personalities from Sally Face. In the end, you’ll receive the result – a revelation of which Sally Face character you most align with!

So, which Sally Face character are you truly? Start the quiz, and in moments, you’ll find out!



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