CS GO Weapon Skin Names Quiz – Can You Get 100%?

cs go weapon skin names quiz

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Skins

Let us say a few words about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before you start the quiz. It is the second most-played Steam game, just after Team Fortress 2. CS: GO was released on August 21, 2012, developed and published by Valve Corporation.

It is the first game of the Counter-Strike series in which you can buy custom skins for your weapons. Isn’t that cool? It matters if you kill your enemies with Radiation Hazard or Snake Camo skin, doesn’t it? Some of the cs go skins are worth more than thousands of dollars, and one of them was sold for more than $50,000. In these times it’s normal that people buy video game skins paying real money. The world is changing so fast. Like 10 years ago would you think about something like this?

There are hundreds of sites where you can buy skins or trade them. You can also buy a chest and open it to receive a random Counter-Strike weapon skin. However, you can get some of the skins just by playing the game. Nonetheless, you can get only cheap weapon skins by this method. So finally you will end up buying one. Ready for the cs go skins quiz?

If you are familiar with Counter-Strike skin names, and all of your skins are factory new, then you should definitely try to pass this counter strike weapon names quiz. The quiz contains 20 questions (20 weapon skins).


This is a hard version of the CSGO Skins Quiz. In order to pass the quiz, you have to answer every question correctly. That’s not all – if you fail to answer a question (name a skin) – you will go back to the very beginning of the quiz! You will get information if you answered it wrong or correct after each answer.

Can you make it to the final page? Good luck!



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