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which Undertale character are you
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Undertale is overflowing with complex characters that may help or hurt you during the journey. Which Undertale character are you? Since there are so many to choose from, it can be challenging to pick one that matches your personality. Instead, you should consider taking the quiz on this site so it can decide for you. It was created by Undertale fans who’ve painstakingly researched the characters to ensure users receive the most reliable results. Find out which character you are right now.

Discover Your Undertale Character

Undertale is a loveable 2D RPG that was created by indie developer Toby Fox. The game is available on many platforms ensuring that it is accessible to people around the world. Undertale’s story follows a child who descends into the Underground before he tries to make his way back to the surface. The story is unlike anything done in the video games below. Players will need to fight their way to the surface using various techniques.

For instance, they can subdue or pacify the monsters they encounter if they do not want to kill them. Even though the game seems simple, it has a complex system and a motivational story. Which Undertale character are you? The quiz on this page is designed to help you obtain the answer to that question.

About The Undertale Video Game

Before learning more about the most popular characters from Undertale, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with the game. Undertale is an RPG with a top-down perspective. Fans often praise the graphical style because it creates a nostalgic experience. When playing this game, you will control a child who falls into the Underworld. While attempting to make your way to the surface, you will explore a variety of settings, including caves and towns.

In some cases, you’ll need to solve tricky puzzles to reach the next level. While exploring the underground levels, you will encounter scary monsters that want to destroy you. Each choice made in the game will dramatically impact the story’s progression, so the player must think carefully before acting. Which Undertale character are you? Many players have questioned this after being taken aback by the charming title.

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The Best Undertale Characters

Undertale is overflowing with charming characters that you will remember long after the story is over. While each character is neat, Frisk, Papyrus, Chara, and Mettaton, tend to stand out from the crowd. Frisk is brimming with life and personality, so you’ll worry about his safety during his treacherous journey.


Frisk is the game’s main protagonist, who is sometimes referred to as The Human. The game starts with Frisk falling into the Underground, forcing him to start the daunting task of reaching the surface once again. It is unknown whether Frisk is male or female since his gender is never revealed. Instead, the character is only called “they” throughout the story. The unique thing about Frisk is that the character is ambiguous.

As a result, the character will reflect the player’s personality based on the decision they’ve made.


Chara is another important character and will later be known as the fallen human because Chara was the first to fall into the Underground. The player selects the character’s name, although it is Chara by default. The personality of the character depends on the player’s actions. Either way, Chara is a pivotal figure in the overall story.


Despite being a robot, Mettaton has a soul. Initially, the character was built by Alphys for entertainment purposes. However, it will soon begin killing humans to help rescue the protagonist. Mettaton is likely the most confident and charming character. It loves drama and violence, though.



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