Undertale Quiz: Do You Know This RPG?

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Toby Fox

Once upon a time... Undertale starts off completely clichéd. However, the retro design and brilliance of the game are something that veterans of the RPG series will definitely appreciate. Despite the fact that the game itself is not the most difficult or the most complicated, every fan of such atmosphere and pixel graphics will spend tens of hours playing Toby's Fox masterpiece.

We have prepared this Undertale quiz for hardcore RPG players, of whom there are probably not many left. Today's games are packed with beautiful graphics, a colorful storyline, and a multiplayer mode. However, there are still a handful of people in the world who love the atmosphere of Undertale, and this quiz was created especially for them.

Undertale - A Different RPG

Don't rub your hands just yet, don't exert your brain cells, wait a minute. Sit back, relax, and read all the information in this article carefully. Not only will it help you to solve the Undertale quiz with a better result, but it will also present you with some facts that you had no idea about.

Undertale was created by a developer Toby Fox. It premiered in 2015 on PC, 2017 on PS4 and PSVita, and in 2018 it had its Switch version released. There is actually an interesting story behind it: the game's developer launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 to raise $5,000 to finalize the game. A game that turned out to be an enormous hit. Two years after the end of the fundraiser, which, incidentally, reached ten times greater amount than required, the first players had the possibility to explore the underground.

Undertale attaches great importance to the story. It is a very big element of the whole game. At first glance, the game seems very simple and easy to play. Nothing could be more wrong! After a while, the player notices that this game has very advanced mechanics.

Undertale's motto is "The RPG game where you don't have to destroy anyone", and it's true. From the very beginning of the game until the end of it, the player has the opportunity to bypass all kinds of killing the monsters in the underground. However, if he wants, he can, of course, face his opponents and try to kill them.

Soundtrack. It is impossible not to mention the soundtrack. It is simply brilliant, one of a kind. Music will definitely knock you off your feet, it's a masterpiece that will accompany you long after you've finished the game, we guarantee!

To summarize, Undertale is a masterpiece that has been appreciated by many players. Great, detailed characters, humorous dialogues, lots of details of the surroundings, and hundreds of references to other RPG's create an amazing, coherent whole.

If you're a video game maniac type of guy and every title you play gives you great pleasure, think back a dozen years or so. What game comes to your mind? We know what you're about to say: Super Mario Bros., so we invite you to solve the quiz about Mario and his adventures!

Undertale Quiz - How to Play?

Undertale quiz consists of 10 questions. Each question will concern particular stages of the game, as well as the plot, characters, monsters, bosses, and everything that happens in the underground. If you love Undertale, it's your responsibility to try your knowledge in the quiz. This quiz will refresh your memories of Undertale and make you feel like you're playing your favorite RPG again.

If you think that you know everything about this masterpiece and you have spent hundreds of hours with this video game, nothing prevents you from starting this quiz! Good luck!



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