Super Mario Quiz! Is He In Another Castle?

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Speaking of Mario, it is impossible not to mention Shigeru Miyamoto. In 1997, shortly after graduating from university, he joined Nintendo as a graphic designer. It was a time when the company was just beginning to conquer a new entertainment branch, video games. Inspired by the love triangle shown in the Popeye series, Miyamoto wanted to create a title based on the sailor comic series in the main series. Nintendo did not receive a license, and Miyamoto had to change his plans. And so Brutus turned into Donkey Kong, Olive Oyl into Princess, and Popeye into a carpenter named Jump Man. The titled Donkey Kong was the property of Jump Man. He escaped from his master, kidnapping his fiancée at the same time, and climbed to the top of the building structure where he waited for the arrival of his victim's beloved. This was briefly the beginning of the character Mario, who first appeared in the game mentioned above. Ready to ace the Super Mario Quiz?

Sit back and move into the magical world through our Super Mario Quiz

The next plumber game is legendary, one of the best-selling games ever. Super Mario Bros has sold over 40 million copies, which puts it in fifth place in the ranking of the best-selling games in history. Therefore, it cannot do without a quiz on this fantastic video game. The Super Mario Quiz is an unearthly way to go back to the phenomenal times when the world of Mario was hosted on your TV screen.

When creating the character of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto had no idea that he would become the father of the legendary video game. In 2005, IGN announced Super Mario Bros., the most excellent game of all time. Nowadays, Mario is an iconic figure, and we associate him with the beginning of video games and the time spent with the Nintendo console. Players from all over the world love Mario a lot. Later, the mentioned mustachioed plumber appeared in several other productions and even in the movie world - in 1989, in the animated series The Adventures of the Mario Brothers, and in 1993, in the movie Super Mario Bros.

Mario - the iconic character of the Video Games

The main character of the game is obviously Mario! This little guy is trying to save the Princess from a giant evil dragon-turtle-like beast. After each world (level), he encounters this monster and fights it. However, after Mario wins the fight, he notices that the Princess is in another castle. And it goes over and over again. Poor Mario. But don't worry! You can help him by completing this Super Mario Quiz!

The main attributes of Mario's appearance are his long mustache and plumber's outfit. The hero also wears a red baseball cap with the letter "M." Mario's appearance changes depending on the power-ups. For example, after eating a mushroom, he becomes bigger.

Mario - Trivia

Shigeru Miyamoto has always wanted Mario to be able to ride a dinosaur. However, this idea was postponed due to technical limitations at the time. Only after the arrival of the SNES console, Roshi, a green dinosaur and a friend of the main character, appeared in Mario's world.

Are you wondering what the author of the game had in mind when the main character grew or shrunk after eating the mushroom? Miyamoto revealed this secret. As he admits, he was inspired by "Alice in Wonderland."

The character of Mario has evolved over these several years. Initially, the Italian plumber wore red overalls and a blue T-shirt, but the colors were reversed in the second installment of Super Mario Bros. Since then, the main character has appeared in blue overalls and a red T-shirt. So far, it has not been revealed where this change came from.

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Is the Princess in another castle?

This quiz is not the easiest one. Basically, it will be very similar to the game. You had 3 lives in the game, and you had to start over as soon as you lost them. In this quiz, we raised the bar even higher - to get to the final page of the quiz and save the Princess simultaneously, you need to answer each question correctly. You will be taken back to the first question if your answer is incorrect.

Do you know enough about Mario to reach the final page with ease? Will you see a screen saying "game over"? Good luck!

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