Grand Theft Auto 5 Quiz: Lets See If You Can Make It!

gta 5 quizGrand Theft Auto V Quiz

Grand Theft Auto V is the newest game of the GTA series. The publisher made a big step ahead of other gaming companies. GTA 5 is an open-world action game in which you can do almost the same things as in real life. In my opinion, this game is just perfect in any field. It is the third best-selling game in the world, just after Tetris and Minecraft. Can you believe it?

In GTA 5, unlike in previous Grand Theft Auto games, we have three main characters instead of one. You have the ability to play as Michael, Franklin, or Trevor. It's not like you choose one of them at the beginning of the game and it's your main character. You can switch between them whenever you like!

If you have played GTA V, then you surely know everything we wrote above. GTA 5 Quiz won't be that easy though! If you are a long-time GTA-series fan, then you have bigger chances of beating the quiz.

Grand Theft Auto V Quiz contains 19 questions. Can you answer them with ease? Good luck!

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