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which GTA character are you
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Which GTA character are you? If you’re asking yourself this question by some miracle, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared a 15-question exciting quiz to determine if you are Michael, Trevor, or Franklin. Of course, this is not the end; you can also draw characters from earlier versions of the game—for example, Tommy, Claude, Carl Johnson, or Victor Vance. Our quiz includes major characters from almost all parts of Grand Theft Auto.

The Only ‘Which GTA Character Are You?’ Quiz You Need

We don’t know how you got here, but since you’re here, we don’t intend to let you down. We’ve prepared a short introduction in which you’ll learn a little about the iconic characters from the GTA game series and their personality types.

It won’t be easy to describe the main characters of the first two versions of the game – after all, it was designed in 2D and did not contain much dialogue. We will start our analysis with the third part and its main character – Claude Speed.

Claude Speed

Claude is also not a very easy character. After all, throughout the game, he does not speak a word. We only find out his name in the next part of the game. According to the Personality Database, Claude represents the ISTP personality type. Undoubtedly, he is a sociopathic character who does not recognize moral principles. He is also prone to addictions and violent behavior.

Carl Johnson

CJ is the main character of the next installment after Vice City, more specifically, San Andreas. He is a black man raised in the ghetto. We don’t know much about his past. His personality type is ESFP. At first glance, he appears to be a friendly, charismatic man. But whenever the need arises, he can be extremely violent and ruthless. Nevertheless, unlike his predecessor, Claude, Carl shows empathy and decency. He also happens to be caring and concerned about his loved ones.

Trevor Philips

Trevor is a person with psychopathic tendencies. He is one of the three main characters of the fifth installment of Grand Theft Auto. He is not a man who is easy to communicate with, let alone work with. He is impulsive, vindictive, and unpredictable. His personality type is ESFP. The man has his principles and never shows hypocrisy. He is the perfect definition of a villain.

If you need a little reminder about the games in the series, we invite you to the GTA 5 Quiz and GTA San Andreas Quiz.

What Will You Learn From The Quiz?

With 15 questions, we will analyze your good as well as bad sides. The questions will mostly be about how you behave, feel, and act. Don’t think too long; rather, try to mark the answer that first comes to your mind. This is not a test of intelligence or other abilities, so any answer is correct.

Our test will allow you to understand yourself fully. It will allow you to get inside your personality and find answers to many questions. No doubt you feel many emotions that you can’t describe in words. Take the quiz, and you will get a comprehensive description of your personality profile – in the type case based on Grand Theft Auto.

As a little introduction, here are some questions you may encounter while taking the quiz:

  1. What type of people do you identify with?
  2. Are you satisfied with your life so far?
  3. How could you outsmart your opponent?
  4. Do you consider yourself a confident person?
  5. What weapon would you use if you lived in the Grand Theft Auto world?

Don’t wait any longer to find out which GTA character you are. Good luck!



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