Which Deltarune Character Are You?

which deltarune character are you
Toby Fox

In recent years, Deltarune has become one of the hottest role-playing games in the world. Even though it was released in October 2018, it remains popular among players around the world. Which Deltarune Character are you? Once you’ve finished the game’s two chapters, you’ll want to identify your character.

Completing the quiz on this page will allow you to find your character in minutes.

What Is Deltarune?

Deltarune is a popular role-playing game that was developed and programmed by Toby Fox. He came up with the idea for the game in 2011 while he was still taking college courses. Surprisingly, Fox dreamt about the ending of a video game. When he woke up, he was adamant that he wanted to create the game he dreamt about. Furthermore, he was inspired by the playing card designs created by Kanotynes.

Fox began developing the game in 2012. The first chapter was released on October 31, 2018. The story is simple. The player controls a teenager named Kris, who is tasked with saving the world. Kris works with a monster named Susie and a prince named Ralsei.

They set out to seal the Dark Fountains and prevent the world from being destroyed. Along the way, they’ll meet many people living in the Dark World. Unfortunately, some of these people will attempt to stop them. One unique thing about Deltarune is that players can battle enemies or resolve encounters peacefully.

The fun combat and engaging story have helped make Deltarune a breakout hit.

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Popular Deltarune Characters

Which Deltarune character are you? The most popular characters in the game include Kris, Ralsei, Lancer, Susie, and Noelle. More about these characters can be found below.


As the game’s main protagonist, Kris is likely the most popular character. He is a lightner who wants to save the world. The teenager has amber skin and messy hair. Kris isn’t an outgoing person. Instead, he is an introvert who tends to be quiet. Noelle is surprised when Kris talks about anything. Kris has a dark sense of humor and often pulls pranks on friends.

For instance, he once put a bath bomb in a toilet.


Susie is another Lightner. She is from Hometown and helps Kris save the world. Susie is an asset to the party because she is skilled with an axe and is very powerful. Her durability is unmatched. She resembles a reptilian monster but has a heart of gold. She doesn’t show it much because she tends to be vulgar and rude.

Fans of the game love the fact that Susie is straightforward and honest. She enjoys teasing her friends, which creates fun moments for players.


Ralsei is the Prince from the Dark. Although he isn’t powerful, he is still helpful because he can use healing spells. He usually wears a blue cloak with a hood. His face is often hidden. Ralsei is described as kind and courteous. He sincerely cares about his friends and will put himself in harm’s way to protect them. He likes baking cakes and sharing them with his comrades.

Which Deltarune Character Are You?

The very popular role-playing game, Deltarune, takes players through extraordinary virtual worlds. Players are tasked with life-altering feats to maintain a balance between dark and light. 

Every human has imagined themselves as a fictional character in a video game, movie, or TV show. The mere thought allows players to escape their mere existence to a mystical virtual world.

While every player has a favorite character, it doesn’t always define their personality. The quiz is designed to pinpoint a character that matches the player’s disposition and temperament.



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