QUIZ: Which Omori Character Are You?

which Omori character are you
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Omori is one of the most unique video games in the world. The 2020 role-playing game was developed by independent studio Omocat. It has countless characters to keep players interested. Which Omori character are you? Take the quiz to find your match. Some of the game’s most popular characters include Kel, Hero, Sunny, and Aubrey.

Since there are hundreds of characters, it can be tough to know which one would match your personality. Before completing the quiz on this page, learn more about them and their personalities.

What Is Omori?

Omori is a popular role-playing game created by Omocat. Originally, the game was released on Windows and macOS. Since then, it has been made available on modern consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. As of December 2022, it sold more than one million copies. Although the gameplay is simple, it is engaging and fun. During battles, the game uses a rock-paper-scissors system to determine who wins.

The game follows Omori, who wakes up in “White Space.” He enters “Headspace” and meets multiple characters, including Basil, Aubrey, Kel, Hero, and Mari. They set out to find Basil’s photo album because it contains pictures of their memories. The game can be played repeatedly, thanks to the fact that it has multiple endings.

Which Omori character are you? Our quiz will determine based on your personality. Complete the quiz now to identify the character that would best match you.

Leading Omori Characters

Omori is popular for many reasons. The gameplay is fun, and the graphical style is impressive. Nevertheless, the game’s characters set the title apart from others. When you play this game, you’ll genuinely care about the characters. Each has a personality and goals that make them authentic.

Some of the game’s most popular personalities will be examined below.


Sunny is one of the game’s leading protagonists. The character is silent, but he can be controlled and named by the player. Sunny is a typical teenager with straight black hair. He wears shorts and a white-collared shirt. Players quickly learn that Sunny is very quiet and shy. He doesn’t smile or speak often. Nevertheless, he is one of the most loyal characters.

Even though he doesn’t say it, Sunny is dependable and deeply caring.


Hero is one of the three main deuteragonists. When he is used as the leader, he can skillfully use his charm to convince people characters to help his party. Hero isn’t well-kept. Instead, his hair is always messy. He looks like he just crawled out of bed. Hero is always calm and composed. When his friends get too excited, Hero tries to calm them. He enjoys domestic work such as cooking and cleaning.


Aubrey is likely one of the cutest characters in Omori. Despite being cute, she is strong enough to crush obstacles using her bat. Aubrey is happy-go-lucky and always smiling. She manages to cheer up her friends when they’re feeling down in the dumps. She is an asset to her team. The only issue Aubrey has is that she tends to get worried too easily and too often. Nevertheless, she doesn’t let this stop her from fulfilling her mission.

Take The Quiz

By taking the test on this page, you can find out which character matches you and your personality. The game has hundreds of characters, so it can be difficult to match your personality manually. Complete the test to get a quick, accurate answer that you can share with your friends.

The quiz was developed by long-time fans of Omori who know the characters inside and outside. Get your Omori character now by completing the test.



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