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which FNAF character are you

Personality quizzes on entertainment content and characters are much more fun to participate in, and this active participation from people has caused a significant rise in such quizzes. Although numerous games and series are used in such tests, FNAF, one of the millennials’ most popular video games, has always been a popular source for ‘Which FNAF character are you?’ genre quizzes.

The popularity of video games, series, and movies is skyrocketing in the current era. Rather than mere tools to pass the time, people are starting to feel more connected to the plots and characters. Many worldwide can relate their personal experiences to the content produced in the virtual world. They can even identify themselves with many famous characters. 

What Is FNAF?

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a ground-breaking survival horror video game released in August 2014 and conceived and created by American animator Scott Braden Cawthon. The release of the initial game episode was in 2014. The immense popularity gained by the debut episode instigated numerous sequels written by the creator and gradually took over the gaming consoles globally. The game was so popular that multiple spin-offs based on the plot and location of the game soon followed. The creator, Scott Cawthon, has penned several books based on the game’s premises.

The series consists of a total of nine video games. The game events are in imaginary locations and focused on a pizza place called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The player will be assigned the role of an employee at the pizza place and is supposed to survive the horrific events at the site. Several animatronic characters quite hostile in nature are the key villains of the game.

Why FNAF Characters For Personality Quizzes?

People are obsessed with ‘Which FNAF character are you’ personality quizzes primarily because of their immense fan following. The lion’s share of game enthusiasts have tried their hands at playing the game, and this liking towards the game is motive enough for them to participate in fun personality quizzes related to them.

‘Which FNAF character are you’ quizzes have been trending on social media platforms and online spaces since 2015 due to the popularity gained by spin-offs and fan fiction. The spin-offs provided more input into the deeper traits of the characters. They made more people feel related to them.

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Characters And Their Personalities

The series of Five Nights at Freddy’s portrays around 50 recurring characters, most of which are animatronics. These characters possess some widely varying personality traits, from gloomy to scary. Among the multiple characters, some of the most famous that are likely to be featured in the quizzes are:

  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Chica
  • Foxy
  • Bonnie
  • Withered Freddy
  • Withered Chica
  • Purple Guy
  • Plus, all the original characters from the game

How Does The Quiz Work?

The quiz intends to match the thoughts and opinions of the participant with available information on the game characters. As most characters possess shady personalities, the questions will mainly revolve around the dark self, prominent phobias, essential nature, etc. 

The quiz will have recurring questions on phobias as the game’s primary content, and the characters involved revolve around the fears and phobias that the characters have. So, phobias are the best way to unlock the personality of both the participant and the game character; thus, the quiz might use them prominently to collect information on the participant.

One common question is whether it is inevitable to have played the game before to take part in a ‘Which FNAF character are you’ quiz. 

Participants need not have prior experience with the game. Still, there would be several questions on the approach or playstyle of the participant towards the game. So, if the participant hasn’t had any prior game experience, it is better to answer such questions based on pure instincts.

You’re probably also wondering what’s in store for you. Here are some questions you can expect:

  • What do you do when your friends are in trouble?
  • Who would it be if you had to eliminate one of the animatronics?
  • How much do you let yourself be scared?
  • Do you prefer good or evil?
  • All the animatronics have gone crazy! They want to attack you! Where do you run?


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