QUIZ: Which Obey Me Character Are You?

which obey me character are you
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Have you ever wondered which character from the popular game “Obey Me!” best mirrors your personality? If the intrigue of this question has captured your interest, you’re in the right place. This quiz is your gateway to finding out which Obey Me character you are, offering a fun and engaging way to explore your inner demon! You can get matched with Lucifer, Mammon, Belphegor, Asmodeus, Diavolo, or others.

What Is “Obey Me!”?

“Obey Me!” is a unique combination of a dating sim and role-playing game where players interact with a variety of demon characters, each with their own distinct personalities and backgrounds. Set in the fantastical realm of the Devildom, you, as the player, attend a school for demons and build relationships with seven demon brothers. Each character in “Obey Me!” is crafted with depth, showcasing a range of emotions and traits that make them relatable and intriguing.

Connecting to Characters

Taking the quiz is more than just a simple Q&A. It’s a process where you’ll answer questions about your personality, preferences, and how you handle different scenarios. Your answers will be aligned with the traits of the game’s characters, such as the charismatic Lucifer, the rebellious Mammon, or the sweet-natured Luke. This quiz bridges the gap between the virtual world of “Obey Me!” and your real-life characteristics.

The Cast of Obey Me!

Each character in “Obey Me!” is unique in their own way. Lucifer, the oldest brother, is known for his leadership and responsibility, while Mammon, the second brother, showcases a mischievous yet loyal side. Leviathan’s love for gaming and Asmodeus’s focus on beauty and love also offer distinct perspectives. Satan, with his calm demeanor and love for reading, Beelzebub’s strength and love for food, and Belphegor’s sleepy yet cunning nature complete this diverse group.

Quiz Mechanics

The quiz is straightforward and enjoyable. You’ll be asked a series of questions about your personality and how you would react in certain situations. After completing the quiz, the algorithm will compare your responses with the personalities of the “Obey Me!” characters, revealing who you closely resemble.

Taking the which Obey Me character are you quiz is not only entertaining but also a reflective exercise. It’s fascinating to see which character’s traits align with yours, and understanding this can offer a deeper appreciation of the game. Plus, it’s a fun topic to discuss with friends who are also fans of “Obey Me!”

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Ready to Find Out?

Are you ready to see which demon brother you align with? Whether you’re like the responsible Lucifer or the fun-loving Asmodeus, this quiz will reveal your demon counterpart. So, without further ado, take the which Obey Me character are you quiz and unveil your Devildom twin!



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