DotA 2 Quiz: Do You Know This Epic Game?

dota 2 quiz

How much do you know about this epic game? No doubt that's what we can call Dota 2, considered by many to be the forerunner of MOBA games. It all started so innocently, with the modification of Defense of the Ancients to Warcraft III. The game will soon celebrate its tenth anniversary, so we invite you to have a great time with our Dota 2 quiz.

Test your knowledge of Dota 2

Who among us does not like exciting challenges? Quizzes are an inseparable part of the culture: in the past, we could find them in books, newspapers, or magazines; today, there are most of them on the Internet. They test our memory, provide valuable entertainment and, above all, allow us to travel back in time and recall the great moments we spent with a particular game, movie, or TV series.

Today's quiz will test your knowledge of a game released by Valve Corporation. You can earn a maximum of 20 points, one for each correct answer. It may seem like just an ordinary quiz, but what fun and excitement will you have while solving it? You can compete with your friends, scoring more points than them you will undoubtedly feel some satisfaction.

Quiz And Its Questions

Here are some questions you may encounter while taking the quiz. Familiarize yourself with them.

When was the game released on windows?

The game was released on several platforms, including macOS, Linux, and NVIDIA GeForce Now. However, this question concerns one of the most popular operating systems - Windows. For the sake of a hint, the official release on Windows was between May and August, with other platforms following a few days later as well.

Which hero says: "When I'm through with these vermin, they'll be fit for a pie!"?

Each hero in the game makes certain sounds or pronounces words. Who do you think the above text belongs to?

What is the duration of the Haste rune?

Runes are items that give heroes special effects for a short time. Haste rune is one of them. It increases movement speed to the maximum. However, do you know for how long?

Which hero has an ability called "Phantom's Embrace"?

Each hero in Dota 2 has unique abilities that they can access on the battlefield. They usually consume mana and have a cooldown - a time to wait for the skill to be available again. They are also divided into active, passive, and auto-cast skills. Which hero do you think has the skill mentioned above?

Name the hero based on its picture

This is one of the more straightforward questions if you are a seasoned player. You will be shown a graphic depicting one of the heroes, and your task will be to guess the hero's name. Nothing could be easier.

Of course, these are just a few of the 20 questions waiting for you. Are you ready for the Ultimate Dota 2 Quiz? We bet you won't get 20/20! Good luck!

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