QUIZ: Which Halo Character Are You?

which Halo character are you

Where you consider yourself a video game enthusiast or a man of combat and science fiction, chances that you’ve heard of Halo are extremely high. Its many celebrated successes are attributed to its intriguing stories, breathtaking galactical landscapes, and marvelous characters. What Halo character are you? Take the quiz to find out.

Brief History Of Halo

Hearing of Halo isn’t enough to help one appreciate the true genius of the iconic franchise. Before delving into the Halo Character Quiz, learning just a bit more about the game will offer better appreciation. 

The greatest aspect of Bungie’s prolific franchise is its diverse classification. Billed as a militaristic space speculative fiction shooter, it attracts players across all video game genres.

The Halo setting is eons in space. The ruling race, the Precursors, genetically engineered a variety of species to populate the planet. Of these species, the human species is picked to rule over the galaxy.

Unfortunately, the Forerunners did not take kindly to the snub and responded as one might expect. Although the Precursors would choose not to put up a resistance, an all-out war for control of the galaxy ensued between the Humans and Forerunners.

Master Chief                    

The extraordinaire, the Master Chief, is one of the fiercest squad leaders. Some may associate him with a sociopath, but fans know better. What makes the Master Chief character a standout is its unique emotional expression.

Master Chief is characterized as a dedicated, hard-line, caring, and kind leader. His genius is obvious, which makes him an even larger-than-life character.                                            

He shares common traits that one would expect to find in most great leaders, such as being determined, goal-oriented, and professional. Caring and loyal to a fault, some might even say.


At heart, Kai is a renegade, a rebel. Her most notable act of rebellion was to remove her pellet. Before the removal, she was a dutiful warrior that dedicated her heart and soul to every incoming order. 

Although she could still be described as dedicated and protective of her associates, she doesn’t ignore any of the typical human emotions such as anger, lust, envy, or whatever else you want to name. Getting on Kai’s good side is always a plus because she will risk life and limb without question to protect those she cares about.


It would be difficult to find a more focused and professional character in the entire Halo universe. Master Chief would be the closest runner-up, and that is saying a lot. The focus, however, could be viewed as a negative as it forces her to bring an unmatched intensity to every situation. 

Even the most straightforward of assignments end up being blown way out of proportion when Riz is involved. With this intensity come other commonly shared traits that one would expect to find, such as seriousness, attentiveness, and unquestionable obedience.

Players like Riz-028 for many reasons. It is not just female players, either. Male players find the character’s professionalism and intellect worthy of mentioning.

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Which Halo Character Am I Quiz

The Halo franchise is chalked full of human and non-human personalities that would be considered assets. However, it is these humans listed above that stand at the forefront. Each character offers mystique to the point of fascination.

Which Halo character am I? A great way to find out is to learn the characters’ backstories. Contrary to belief, some characters have more conspicuous and prominent backstories than others. 

The characters have mysterious personalities packed with many admirable traits. Knowing who you relate with will only help you better understand and appreciate the game as well as the new TV series.



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