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the legend of zelda quiz

The Legend of Zelda is a series of top-rated action games from Nintendo. This famous series started in the 1980s. When starting the game, we play the role of a young boy named Link, who travels through the fantastic world of Hyrule in search of fragments of the artifact to save the title princess – Zelda. You are certainly one of the persistent fans who know every part of the game by heart. We invite you to take The Legend of Zelda Quiz to confirm your love for the Nintendo franchise.

About the Game

The game is kept mainly in a fantasy atmosphere, combining elements of adventure, action, puzzle games, and cRPG. The Legend of Zelda game series is considered one of the Japanese publisher’s most essential and best products.

As we mentioned above, the first game was released in the 1980s, more precisely, in 1987. Shigeru Miyamoto, known for creating cult games such as Super Mario Bros or Donkey Kong, is also the producer of The Legend of Zelda franchise. Fans of the game did not have to wait long for the next installment, as Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was released the following year. Recognizing the brand’s potential, the Nintendo corporation decided to have the series appear on each new console model.

To date, the series has released 19 primary games, in addition to several remakes and spin-offs. The majority of these games have been made available exclusively on Nintendo consoles. Many of these games have received high acclaim from players, such as The Wind Waker (2003) and Ocarina of Time (2007). The most recent major titles in the series include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, released in 2017.

Do You Think You Can Breeze Through This Quiz?

If you’re confident you know the fantastic land of Hyrule inside out, you will surely enjoy The Legend of Zelda quiz. Like in the game itself, you will take on the role of Link, and each subsequent question will be like a meeting with the chief of the Gerudo tribe of thieves – Ganon. 

This quiz includes 15 questions, with four options to select from. Be thoughtful in your selection, as you will not be able to return to previous questions without finishing the test.

If, by some miracle, you manage to answer most of the questions correctly; the princess will be waiting for you at the end. However, be careful! You may have to try again to save her in case of a wrong answer. 

Without prolonging it, start a battle to the death by starting the quiz. You may be one of the few daredevils who will make it to the end. Don’t wait any longer – adventure awaits! Good luck!

Questions Preview

1. Which company is the developer and publisher of the game?
  1. 2K China
  2. Nintendo
  3. Konami
  4. FunPlus
2. Who is the creator(s) of The Legend of Zelda?
  1. Satoshi Tajiri
  2. Shigeru Miyamoto, Takashi Tezuka
  3. Akira Toriyama
  4. Guido Lübke, Stephan Payer, Ulrich Schlott, Stephan Vogler
3. When was the game released for the first time?
  1. 1986
  2. 1987
  3. 1990
  4. 1984
4. Was The Legend of Zelda released on the PC platform?
  1. Yes
  2. No
5. What weapon do we get after opening the Temple of Time?
  1. White Sword
  2. Magical Key
  3. Magical Sword
  4. Master Sword
6. What is the second boss in Ocarina of Time that Link faces?
  1. Queen Gohma
  2. King Dodongo
  3. Phantom Ganon
  4. Barinade
7. What is the name of this boss?
  1. Ganon
  2. Twinrova
  3. Bongo Bongo
  4. Morpha
8. What type of animal is Epona?
  1. Donkey
  2. Tiger
  3. Giraffe
  4. Horse
9. How many Divine Beasts are there in the game?
  1. 3
  2. 6
  3. 4
  4. 2
10. What is the name of this creature?
  1. Octorok
  2. Stalfos
  3. Keese
  4. Tektite
11. How many islands are there in The Wind Waker?
  1. 71
  2. 50
  3. 49
  4. 51
12. Which one of these Zelda games was released on SNES?
  1. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
  4. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
13. Moat Bridge is located in which Zelda game?
  1. Spirit Tracks
  2. A Link Between Worlds
  3. Breath of the Wild
  4. Oracle of Seasons
14. What is the name of the 7th Zelda game?
  1. Majora's Mask
  2. Oracle of Ages
  3. A Link to the Past/Four Swords
  4. Ocarina of Time
15. How many Zelda games are there as of 2019?
  1. 17
  2. 20
  3. 18
  4. 19


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