Which Angry Bird Are You? Our Quiz Reveals It

Which Angry Bird Are You

This quiz was created by the biggest Angry Birds fans, who’ve launched countless birds at those pesky pigs. It’s time to put your curiosity to rest. You’re going to find out which Angry Bird you are. Our meticulously crafted quiz is just the adventure you need to uncover your avian counterpart in the world of flying birds. 

Before you get your results, you’ll navigate through a series of questions designed to uncover the nuances of your personality. From how you tackle challenges to the way you interact with friends, each answer brings you one step closer to finding out which Angry Bird you truly are.

A Flight Through Time

Launched in 2009, the game became an instant hit, praised for its engaging gameplay, unique characters, and physics-based puzzles. The game’s simple premise—fling birds at structures to topple pigs hidden within—has evolved into a universe of games, movies, and merchandise, making it a staple of digital entertainment.

Leading Characters From Angry Birds


Red, the face of Angry Birds, is known for his determination and leadership. As the de facto leader of the flock, Red’s unwavering focus and sense of responsibility make him a hero among his feathered friends. His ability to tackle obstacles head-on has earned him the admiration of players worldwide.


Chuck, the yellow bird, is all about speed. His lightning-fast abilities allow him to zip through obstacles with unmatched agility. Chuck’s playful nature and quick thinking make him an invaluable member of the team, always ready to outmaneuver those crafty pigs.


Bomb, true to his name, brings the element of surprise. His ability to explode makes him a formidable force against even the most challenging structures. Bomb’s calm demeanor belies his explosive potential, making him a bird you don’t want to ruffle.


Matilda, the white bird, offers a touch of grace in the midst of chaos. Her unique ability to drop egg bombs adds a strategic advantage, proving that strength comes in many forms. Matilda’s nurturing spirit and peaceful approach make her a beloved character among fans.

Which Bird Are You Most Similar To? Our Quiz Reveals It

Ready to find out which Angry Bird you are? Take the plunge and let the quiz determine your feathered counterpart. As you navigate through the questions, each answer brings you closer to unveiling the Angry Bird that best reflects your personality.

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Take a moment to reflect on your unique traits and prepare for a fun, engaging experience. Which Angry Bird are you? There’s only one way to find out. Start the quiz and share your results with friends to see which birds flock together! 



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