My Hero Academia Quiz – Can You Beat It?

My Hero Academia Quiz

my hero academia quiz

My Hero Academia  also known as Boku No Hero Academia is a Japanese manga, created in 2014. However, there is also anime with the same name, adapted from the manga. In this My Hero Academia Quiz you will be asked many different questions about MHA characters, story, episodes, dates, from both manga and anime. If you feel up to it, then you can start the quiz right away, and test your knowledge about My Hero Academia. Nonetheless, keep on reading as this article may help you to complete the quiz with maximum score. The quiz will contain questions about some of the facts, trivia and general knowledge about MHA included in this article.

My Hero Academia

As you may know, My Hero Academia is a manga, which has its anime adaptation. Both are very popular among anime and manga fans. The anime is becoming more and more popular, making it one of the top-tier animes. My Hero Academia tells a story about a world where people have superpowers, also known as "Quirks". The main protagonist of the series, a boy named Izuku Midoriya has no superpower (he's "quirkless", like 20% of the whole population), and he is being bullied in his childhood for not having a quirk himself. Izuku's biggest dreams is to become a superhero one day. Can this youngster reach his dream? Do you think it is possible? What do you think will happen next? Check My Hero Academia if you haven't yet, and get these questions answered!

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My Hero Academia Quiz - How To Play?

The quiz contains 13 questions. You will be asked questions about both manga and anime series, so in order to get a perfect score in this quiz, you have to be a huge MHA fan. Can you pass this test with ease getting 13/13 on your first try? Don't waste any more time, start the quiz and find out!