Which Sonic Character Are You?

Which Sonic Character Are You

Hey there, old man! Guess we can call you that now that you’ve reached the page with the very interesting name “Which Sonic Character Are You?”

Sonic the Hedgehog franchise began in 1991, so well counting, it’s been just over 30 years since our blue hedgehog first set foot on the ground. So we bet you’ve been a big fan of this production for a dozen years. You’re as happy as a kid with the opportunity to find out which character from this epic production reflects your personality. After all, 30 years ago, there was no such possibility. Time flies like crazy, and each new year opens up new possibilities and solutions.

Before you go any further, we have a small request for you. However, it is nothing that we gain from it. All we ask is that you have fun while taking the quiz, and we hope the smile doesn’t leave your lips even for a second. After all, that is the goal!

Which Sonic Character Are You?

Do you still remember all the characters, or did this extremely fast hedgehog overshadow them? Surely, something is dawning on you, but if not, we rush to help.

Sonic The Hedgehog

How could we forget about the main character? As the name suggests, this blue-colored hedgehog can move at supersonic speed. In addition, he also curls up into a ball, which gives him extra power.

Doctor Eggman

Surely you remember this villain! He’s the main antagonist of the entire series, the mad scientist we’ve come to defeat.


You surely remember this red-headed fox! She’s Sonic’s best friend, the two-tailed girl.

Knuckles The Echidna

Knuckles is Sonic’s eternal rival, but he’s not hostile. Their rivalry is healthy.

We hope this brief description of these few key characters from the franchise was enough for you. We’re sure these three descriptions were enough, and you almost moved back a dozen years or so, and your knowledge of Sonic returned.

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Before You Start The Quiz

Wait a minute! Before you throw yourself into the fray and start answering the questions, it would be good if you first get acquainted with the basic rules of the quiz. So, first of all – the entire test consists of 15 questions. And not just any questions! These are 15 incredibly important questions that will deeply analyze your personality and make you smile under your breath. 

And the result? You will jump up and start laughing maniacally as soon as you see the result. Remember! When your family asks what’s wrong with you, try to pretend everything is fine. On the other hand, you can simply show them this quiz with the exciting name – Which Sonic character are you? Perhaps someone close to you is also a fan of this legendary production.



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