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which encanto character are you

Fans of Disney animations can be delighted. A production titled “Encanto” saw the light of day some time ago. The show has gathered a large number of fans, who search for slogans like ‘Which Encanto Character Are You?’, so we couldn’t disappoint such a large group of supporters of the film.

Byron Howard and Jared Bush are responsible for directing the animation. Charise Castro Smith is also co-director, and Clark Spencer and Yvetta Merino have taken on the roles of producers. The production itself is wrapped in a great musical layer by the winner of many prestigious awards, including an Emmy and a GRAMMY, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

As you probably know, the film focuses on the Madrigal family, living in the titular Encanto located somewhere in picturesque Colombia. So we won’t dwell too much on the film’s plot; after all, you know everything about it. Well, except maybe one small detail. Surely, you would like to find out which character from the animation reflects your personality. Ready for endless fun?

Which Encanto Character Are You?

Before you take the quiz, please familiarize yourself with the various characters and their character traits. Each of them stands out with a unique personality!


Mirabel Madrigal is the main character of the film, who is the only one who does not have any special skills. It is safe to say that the girl is very optimistic. In addition, she is also modest, honest, and confident. Is this the character you are?


Through his extraordinary power, the boy got the meadow of a person who attracts all bad things. However, despite this, Bruno is a kind, considerate and caring boy. In addition, he stands out for his loyalty to his family. Despite his negative reputation and despite appearances, Bruno is quiet, shy, and good.


Camilo is an energetic teenager who loves fun and adventure. He stands out for his incredible openness and extroverted personality type. In addition, the boy is friendly, charismatic, and open to new acquaintances. Due to his young age, he is still discovering his true personality.


Isabela is known for her beauty and charm. Both the inner and outer ones. She is a caring, selfless, and loyal person. In addition, she is distinguished by her openness, sincerity, and dedication.

These are just a few of the many characters featured in Encanto. Our ‘Which Encanto character are you?” also contains many more of them. Indeed, you have your favorite – your favorite character with whom you identify.

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How To Play The Quiz?

Our quiz is trivially simple and, at the same time, enjoyable. So relax, sit back, prepare warm tea or chocolate, turn on your favorite music, and let your imagination run wild. In just a moment, you will go through a series of questions that will bring you closer to the answer. Don’t wait any longer; find out the answer to your question. The magic is within us! Have fun!



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