Which Mean Girls Character Are You Most Like?

which Mean Girls character are you
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The film’s characters are unlike anything in a teen comedy before. They’re authentic and sympathetic. As for the mean girls, they’re easy to hate. Which Mean Girls character are you? Do you match Cady’s personality, or are you a better match with Regina George? The best way to find out is by completing the quiz on this page.

Mean Girls quickly became a cult classic when it was released several years ago. Despite being titled Mean Girls, some of the characters in the movie are kind and compassionate. Others are bullied by the mean girls at school until they finally lash out and stand up for themselves. The 2004 teen comedy helped transform Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams into household names. Even today, people can remember everything that happened in the movie and how they felt when they first watched it.

About The Mean Girls Movie

If you’re wondering, “what movie should I watch?” Mean Girls is a cult classic that was released on April 30, 2004. Although it had a low budget of just $17 million, the film was a box office success and generated more than $130. The cast was spectacular, thanks to the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Amy Poehler, Ana Gasteyer, Tina Fey, Tim Meadows, and Rachel McAdams. At the time, these stars were at the top of Hollywood, and everyone knew their names.

Mean Girls runs 97 minutes and will keep viewers on their toes from start to finish. It will hit particularly hard for people who were bullied in high school. The story follows a 16-year-old girl named Cady Heron as she returns to America after spending twelve years in Africa.

Cady will attempt to infiltrate a group of mean girls to damage their reputations and separate them for good. However, she may end up risking a potential romance with the boy of her dreams.

What Are The Mean Girls’ Characters?

Mean Girls has an interesting cast of characters, with each of them seeming legitimate. None of the characters are over-the-top or silly. It is easy to cheer for Cady Heron as she attempts to get one over on the mean girls at her school. As for Regina George, she is usually considered the main villain. Which Mean Girls character are you?

Cady Heron

Cady is a 16-year-old who is fearless. When she returns to America, she decides to infiltrate the “Plastics” clique. Even though Cady can be devious at times, she has good intentions.

Regina George

Regina is the leading villain of Mean Girls and the leader of The Plastics. As the name of the movie suggests, she is one of the meanest girls at school. Nevertheless, she has a soft side too. She would best align with people who aren’t afraid to hurt others to get what they want.

Aaron Samuels

Aaron is one of the coolest kids at school since he excels at football, soccer, and even swimming. He is also popular with the ladies, having dated Regina at one point. Now, he is eager to start a new relationship with Cady.

Gretchen Wieners

Gretchen Wieners is a young heiress known to have a collection of secrets. She frequently steps up to represent Regina, who heads “The Plastics.” Little does the glamorous blonde know, Gretchen is about to spill her most precious secrets. 

Gretchen struggles with her insecurities, but most people would never guess.

Take The Quiz To See Which Mean Girls Character Is More Like You

The 2004 film Mean Girls was almost an immediate hit among adolescent girls. It did not take long for the movie to grow a following that still remains strong today. Some fans have gone as far as mimicking their favorite Mean Girls character’s behaviors. Anyone who knows anything about Means Girls would say this is not a good idea.

Which Mean Girls character are you? Take the quiz to find out now, sooner than later.

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