What Movie Should I Watch? QUIZ – 50 Movies to Pick

what movie should I watch quiz

Does it take you as much time to choose the right movie you should watch as it does to watch the entire screening? You may love action movies as much as you love romantic movies, and you don’t know which one to choose. Or maybe your current mood tells you rather watch a good comedy? If this is the only reason you can’t decide which movie to watch, take this ‘What movie should I watch quiz’ quickly!

By answering a few straightforward questions, you will find out what repertoire you need to look for! In just a moment, you will sit comfortably in a chair and watch a movie perfectly chosen by you! Believe it or not, from now on, you will never have to think for hours about what movie you should watch!

What Movie Should I Watch?

And now a few words about the movies.

In the beginning, you will learn that a film can be divided by its length into three variants:

  • short – up to 22 minutes
  • medium-length – from 22 to 55 minutes
  • full-length – more than 55 minutes (usually from 90 to 132 minutes)

Next, we can also classify films into three types:

Animated Film

The animated film is made through a series of photographs, which through consecutive phases of movement, create the illusion of a moving image. The most popular type of all-animated film is cartoon film. As the name suggests, each separate frame of the film is created as a drawing on a piece of paper or may be used for these specialized computer programs. Animated films are very popular with children and teenagers, but they are also suitable for adult cinema. Maybe it is the animated film you should watch? Still not sure? Just take our ‘What movie should I watch quiz.’

Documentary Movie 

As the name suggests, this is a film based on facts. The story of such a creation actually happened and can be shown directly or can be recounted by actual witnesses. There may also be various photos, records, or interviews that really happened and took place in the past. Documentary films are a great source, thanks to which we can gain knowledge about topics that interest us. All authentic events are brought as close to us as possible, thanks to the minimal involvement of the director. If you like to deepen your knowledge, and at the same time watch a film about an event that really took place, maybe this is the type of film you should watch?

Feature Movie

This is the complete opposite of a documentary. As the name suggests, the feature film is based on the plot, which is created by the characters, various events, and actions. It can be created based on authentic events but also can sometimes be wholly detached from reality. The reality contained in the film is a consequence of a properly written script and acting at the highest level. Thanks to the mixture of various film techniques, the feature film enjoys the greatest fame and gathers the most significant number of fans!

Another element of film division can be the genre. Probably each of us has their favorite, which they are very eager to watch! Without delay, let’s remind ourselves, what are the most popular genres we can divide a movie into?

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Fantasy horror, which is mainly based on the depiction of supernatural phenomena. The plot is primarily based on fear, and in the viewer is built successive tension and horror. If you tend to have nightmares at night, I don’t recommend watching this genre before bedtime!


This film genre aims to evoke a comic effect in the audience by showing different situations and film characters. We can distinguish romantic comedy, which can be a hit in 10 for ladies!


This genre usually includes the sensational course of love between two people who have to face their parents because they are together despite disagreements on their part. The stories typically have unhappy ending.

War Movie

War movies are excellent for people fascinated by battles, fights, and carrying out covert operations! The plots of the characters can be fictional or biographical.

Adventure Film

Such a film genre should be watched by people who like to see a lot happening in a particular screen adaptation! In this film, there will be no shortage of fast-paced action, non-obvious solutions to complicated situations, as well as chases and unconventional events. Do you already know which movie you should watch?

Historical Film

Historical movies should be watched by anyone interested in history! Historical films depict events and situations that happened in the past. They can be based on accounts or memories.


We divide drama into social, psychological, and moral. It can focus on a particular social problem and the characters’ emotional issues and can depict the overall behavior of a specific group of people.

After reminding yourself what types and genres we divide the film into, do you already know which category you will be looking in? Do you already know which movie you should watch? You may be with a small child. In that case, should you watch an animated film or an adventure film? Or are you looking for something you can watch with your other half? Or maybe you’re just looking for something to relax to for the evening? Perhaps you just want to watch a movie with your favorite actor?

The ‘What movie should I watch quiz’ has the answers to all your questions! Answer a few queries about a film, and you’ll find out what movie you should watch! No more hassle, the next time you are looking for a suitable film, just go to this page right away! So go to the questions and find out what you should watch.

Questions Preview

1. What movie genre is your favorite?
  1. Horror
  2. Fantasy
  3. Action
  4. Drama
  5. Comedy
  6. Other
2. What do you pay attention to most in movies?
  1. On the acting
  2. The plot
  3. Lots of action
  4. Technical aspects
  5. Ratings
  6. Everything
3. What do you dislike most about movies?
  1. Incomprehensible plot
  2. Weak relationships between the characters
  3. The division between good and evil, which is clear
  4. Boring plot
4. Do you prefer old or new movies?
  1. Old
  2. New
5. Who do you want to watch the movie with?
  1. With a friend
  2. Alone
  3. With my other half
  4. With as many friends as possible!
6. Choose an actor:
  1. Johnny Depp
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio
  3. Chris Hemsworth
  4. Sebastian Stan
  5. Andrew Garfield
  6. Eddie Redmayne
7. What kind of ending do you fancy?
  1. Happy
  2. Sad
  3. Doesn't matter, as long as it's good
8. How do you want to feel while watching the movie?
  1. Scared, I want to be scared
  2. Sad, I want to cry
  3. Happy, I'm looking for comfort
  4. Inspired, it should be a powerful movie
9. Which moment of the movies do you find most interesting?
  1. The introduction, the beginning, the discovery of the world
  2. Middle, the most important action
  3. The end, the clarification of the plot, the crossovers
10. Do you prefer movies in live-action or animated versions?
  1. Animated
  2. Acting
  3. Doesn't matter
11. What do you think about romantic plots in movies?
  1. They add to the atmosphere
  2. They're unnecessary
  3. Depends on my mood
12. Which word gets your attention?
  1. War
  2. Gang
  3. Lisa
  4. Riddle
  5. Hospital
  6. Award
13. Do you prefer shorter movies of about an hour or longer ones of over two hours?
  1. Shorter
  2. Longer
  3. Something in between
14. How often do you watch movies?
  1. Hardly at all
  2. Rarely
  3. From time to time
  4. Once a month
  5. Almost every day
15. Do you prefer contemporary films or those set in the future or past?
  1. Contemporary
  2. From the past
  3. From the future
  4. I have no opinion


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