Which Yellowjackets Character Are You?

which Yellowjackets character are you

Which Yellowjackets character are you? Whether you’re a show fan or simply looking for a fun personality quiz, this is the perfect opportunity to find out if you’re Misty, Teen Shauna, Natalie, Laura, or others.

Yellowjackets, an American thriller,  was a hit right from the start. The show features some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Juliette Lewis. In 1996, a group of teenagers was traveling from New Jersey to Seattle when their plane went down in the Canadian wilderness.

More About Yellowjackets

Only a handful of the passengers survived the crash. Those who did sometimes wished they had died as well. Instead of competing in the 1996 National Soccer Tournament, the teenagers ended up either dead or fending for themselves in the vast wilderness to nowhere.

The show continuously switches from 1996 to the (almost) present, 2021. The survivors are subjected to some very bazaar tactics to survive, which they vowed to never speak of in public. 

Upon returning home, the survivors tried to maintain a normal life. Some got married and had children, while others obtained degrees and political status in New Jersey.

The survivors have their horrible memories tucked away from the public. They rarely, if ever, confide in each. In other words, they pretend as if nothing happened in the Canadian wilderness. Portraying a journalist, Jessica Roberts sets out to uncover a story that the general public has been dying to know for a decade and a half.  Will any of the survivors talk? 

Which Yellowjackets character are you? Are you Taissa, Natalie, Jackie, Misty, or Jeff?

Yellowjackets Main Cast

Shauna Shipman

Shauna Shipman, played by Melanie Lynskey, was a young high school student with a lot of hope and dreams. The plane crash transformed her into a lonely housewife and mother of an impetuous teen. It is no big surprise when you think of how Shauna was an instigator herself. Just before the plane went down in 1996, she was in an altercation with Taissa.

Shauna and Jackie, besties in high school, just received acceptance letters from Brown University before they boarded the plane to Canada. As adults, the two friends were estranged until the nosey Jessica started poking around. Shauna met Jackie in a secret location to encourage her to make the journalist go away.

Shauna was a stubborn adolescent girl. As an adult, she retreated into her own mind and isolated herself from her once close-knit group of friends.

Taissa Turner

Taissa was not a vindictive teen, but she committed a sadistic act that would force Allie out of the tournament. During soccer practice, Taissa, played by Tawny Cypress, tackles her own teammate, Allie Stevens (Pearl Amanda Dickson), because she felt she was not tournament material.

In 2021, Taissa was a New Jersey State Senate nominee. Her wife, Simone, questions her decision but rallies behind her campaign.

Jeff Sadecki

Jeff Sadecki, played by Warren Kole, was Jackie’s beau in high school. He did the unthinkable when he cheated on Jackie with her best friend, Shauna. The two would go on to get married, but Jeff would never be anything other than a salesman at a furniture store.

Which Yellowjackets Character Matches Your Personality And Demeanor?

The victims of the 1996 airplane crash have unique traits that may remind you of yourself. As difficult as it is to believe, some people would love to experience what the girls went through in the wilderness. Others, not so much, but the mystery behind it all is enough to make anyone curious. 

People get so engrossed in a show they oftentimes find themselves questioning if they share any of the same traits as the characters. There is no need to continue wondering when a simple quiz holds the answer. 

Which Yellowjackets character are you? Find out in a few minutes by taking the short quiz. Who knows, you may find out more about yourself than intended.



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