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Masses of fans of The Vampire Diaries could not come to terms with the ending of their favorite series. As we mentioned in the Vampire Diaries quiz – it is no wonder – vampires, magic, love, and danger are the guarantee of a brilliant seance. In 2013, The Vampire Diaries had their spin-off, The Originals. And it is this series that we will focus on today. This is another TV series about the Vampire saga broadcast by The CW. The Originals quiz is the perfect test for you to judge if you are one of the devoted fans.

Julie Plec and CW couldn’t allow hundreds of thousands of The Vampire Diaries fans around the world to be left without any vampire-themed series. The Originals is a series that tells the story of the original family of Vampires. The Mikaelsons, because that is the name of the original Vampire family, return to New Orleans after many years. Soon, they encounter many problems on their way that they have to deal with somehow.

The Originals

Read on for some incredibly interesting information before you start The Originals quiz.

One day, Klaus Mikaelson, the primal hybrid of a vampire and a werewolf, receives a mysterious clue that in the cradle of the paranormal world, that is, the French Quarter of New Orleans, there is a plot against him. Klaus returns to the city he helped build many years ago. Klaus’ questions lead to a reunion with the diabolical ex-protégé Marcel, a charismatic vampire with total control over the humans and supernatural inhabitants of New Orleans. Elijah, determined to help his brother find redemption, follows Klaus and soon learns that the werewolf, Hayley, also came to the French Quarter in search of clues about her family and fell into the hands of the powerful witch Sophie. Tensions between the two factions in the city are nearing a tipping point as Marcel leads his devoted followers and wields total power. The plot of The Originals is incredibly interesting, and with each episode, the viewer is absorbed by the events taking place in the series.

A fact worth adding is that The Originals is not about teen love dilemmas but about power struggles, intrigue, and extensive character development. The Originals, contrary to appearances, differs significantly from its original series, The Vampire Diaries. The spin-off from Julie Plec is more mature and targeted at a slightly older audience.

If we are already on the topic of otherworldly creatures with supernatural powers, it is impossible not to mention zombies. And if zombies – only in The Walking Dead Quiz.

Everything About The Originals Quiz

The Originals series is a great production aimed at all age groups. In The Originals Quiz, we focused on choosing the most interesting questions. Questions that will satisfy any die-hard fan of The Originals. The quiz consists of 12 questions. Some of them will be less, and some will be more demanding. It would be worth remembering the main plotlines before starting the quiz. However, if you think you know everything about The Originals and no question can break you, then click the “Start” button now!



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