Harry Potter Spells Quiz: Only A Real Wizard Can Solve It!

harry potter spells quiz
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We will erase your memory before you start the Harry Potter Spells Quiz. OBLIVIATE!

Okay, keep reading.

Harry Potter is one of the most popular movie series ever made. If you are on this page, reading this text, then you love it the same as we do! This quiz will refresh your memory about Harry Potter in general, as each spell has its own history. Do you think that your knowledge about spells is good enough to get a 10/10 on this quiz?

You are another Potterhead looking for a spells quiz... then you got it. This quiz will make you think twice before choosing an answer. Be careful, if any of your answers will be incorrect, then Dementor might appear... Do you want to spend the rest of your life in Azkaban? Or you prefer being killed by Death Eater?

Your knowledge about spells from the Harry Potter movie must be perfect in order to get a maximum score on this quiz! If you are not feeling confident enough, you can always visit Pottermore to learn some new spells. Only the strongest wizards can complete this quiz with ease! Will it be a piece of cake for you? Start the Harry Potter Spells Quiz and find out!

One more thing, the "Start Quiz" button is not available, we need to open the quiz page; Alohomora!

Okay, it's fine now. Short info before you enter: the quiz contains 10 questions about 10 spells. Each question has 4 options to choose from. Only one is correct. Good luck!

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