Which Criminal Minds Character Are You?

which Criminal Minds character are you

While other shows have ended after a few seasons, Criminal Minds has more longevity since it has had 16 seasons to date. Are you curious to know which Criminal Minds character you are? Jason Gideon, Elle Greenaway, Derek Morgan, and Aaron Hotchner are very popular, but you cannot ignore the supporting cast either.

In recent years, people around the world have fallen in love with true-crime dramas. Although Criminal Minds episodes aren’t real, the stories are authentic, so they’re going to keep viewers up at night. Once you’ve finished an episode, you may feel the urge to double-check your locks since you’re worried about those monsters coming to life. In terms of crime dramas, Criminal Minds is likely one of the best in terms of realism and amazing stories.

Introducing The TV Show

Criminal Minds is arguably one of the hottest crime dramas on television. It has been incredibly popular since its release on September 22, 2005. Since then, it has had 15 more seasons. Each episode is roughly 42 minutes in length and is always captivating. While the main characters are integral to the story, the side characters are equally important since they portray victims, killers, and innocent bystanders.

The story centers on several criminal profilers working for the FBI as part of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. These experts use complex profiling and analysis techniques to help figure out the overall personality of the possible killers. The original cast featured seven characters that helped solve some of the most gruesome murders imaginable.

The show was a successful project for CBS, but it is now available on Paramount+.

The Cast Of Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is popular because the stories are gripping and the characters are likable. It is exciting to watch the characters work together to discover the identity of the latest serial killer. Which Criminal Minds character are you? Many people believe they’re going to be Jason Gideon, while others think they’re Aaron Hotchner. Learn more about the characters so you can determine which one matches your attitude best.

Jason Gideon

Jason Gideon was a staple of Criminal Minds from seasons one through three. At one time, he was the BAU Unit Chief. However, he is now serving as FBI Senior Supervisory Special Agent. He is a talented profiler who has helped crack many difficult cases. However, Jason is burned out after experiencing several tragedies.

Aaron Hotchner

Aaron is another FBI Supervisory Special Agent. He is one of the longest-running characters on the show, having first appeared in season one and last appearing in season twelve. He has more experience than his colleagues, but he doesn’t let this get to him. He remains levelheaded and always takes the ideas of his coworkers seriously.

Without straying too far from the topic of murder and other crimes, you might want to see if you exhibit similar traits to historical serial killers. Just take our serial killer quiz.

Derek Morgan

Derek Morgan was portrayed by the excellent Shemar Moore. Although he is a great profiler, he often experiences problems due to his temper. During his youth, Derek had a rough upbringing in Chicago and was on the verge of juvenile delinquency. Having turned his life around, he is now one of the most effective profiles on the squad.

Get Your Criminal Minds Character Today!

The cast of Criminal Minds is spectacular, so fans will enjoy watching them work together to resolve the most baffling criminal cases. The show also details their personal struggles outside the office. Which Criminal Minds character are you? The only way to find out is by taking the quick quiz on this page. By answering a few questions, you will discover the character that matches your answers the closest. Since the quiz was developed by hardcore Criminal Minds fans, the results are always accurate.



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