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Are you a fan of gripping TV dramas? If so, Riverdale likely needs no introduction! Now, it’s time for a real test of your fandom – are you ready for the Riverdale Quiz? Let’s see how well you know the secrets of this small town! 

What Sets Riverdale Apart?

This sensational teen drama series, launched in 2017, has taken the world by storm. The series is a contemporary adaptation of the iconic Archie Comics, brought to life by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, the mastermind CCO of Archie Comics himself. 

Sure, you’re here for the Riverdale Quiz, fuelled by your admiration for this compelling series. But what would you say when your pals want to know why they should tune into this TV show? Let’s break down why this is a series you simply can’t afford to miss:


First off, Riverdale seamlessly blends genres. It’s not just a teen drama—it’s also a mystery, thriller, and at times, a touch of the supernatural. This mash-up of themes ensures a viewing experience that consistently keeps you on your toes.

The Edge of the Seat Moments

Whether it’s Veronica’s intense face-off with her father or the Black Hood’s unexpected arrival at the town hall, Riverdale never fails to deliver heart-pounding excitement. Fans of surprise reveals, unpredictable plots and dramatic narrative twists will find themselves thoroughly engrossed in the intriguing world of Riverdale.

Cole Sprouse

Cole Sprouse’s exceptional performance in the series is certainly a treat for viewers worldwide. Renowned for his stellar acting abilities, Sprouse has won the hearts of many, transforming the series with his dynamic presence. Fans affirm that his riveting performance undoubtedly contributes to the show’s success. Take a shot at the intriguing Cole Sprouse quiz.

Its Characters

Indeed, the town of Riverdale boasts a host of engaging characters beyond just Jughead Jones. Each resident, derived from classic comic characters, has been reinvented with layers of complexity, embodying unique dreams, desires, and insecurities. Their interactions and personal growth bring a sense of authenticity to the show, driving the plot in an irresistible, dramatic manner.

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It Keeps You Guessing

As fans of the show can attest, Riverdale’s intricate plot design kept viewers guessing during the first and second seasons. When it came to revealing Jason Blossom’s killer, many were certain they had cracked the case early on. Similarly, a slew of theories about the Black Hood’s identity swirled during the second season. Yet, the majority admit they couldn’t have been more wrong with their predictions. This testament to Riverdale’s enthralling storytelling and its ability to confound expectations is a primary reason why viewers are continually drawn to this series.

Test Your Knowledge About Riverdale

Are you spellbound by the charm and mystery of the town of Riverdale? Can’t help but marvel at the complex characters and the tangled web they weave? If you’re an enthusiastic follower of the Riverdale series, then you’re in the right place! We’re here to fuel your fandom with our enticing Riverdale quiz. Specifically crafted for passionate fans like you, this quiz is the perfect platform to showcase your in-depth knowledge about this series! So, get ready to test your Riverdale savvy and prove your fandom!

Questions Preview

1. The Riverdale series is based on comic books published by:
  1. Marvel
  2. Archie Comics
  3. DC Comics
  4. EC Comics
2. What is Cheryl's favorite color?
  1. Yellow
  2. Black
  3. White
  4. Red
3. Who killed Jason Blossom?
  1. Clifford Blossom
  2. Penelope Blossom
  3. FP Jones
  4. Rose Blossom
4. Who is the narrator of Riverdale?
  1. Archie
  2. Cherryl
  3. Jughead
  4. Betty
5. What is the name of Jughead Jones's little sister?
  1. Forsythe Pendleton Jones
  2. Gladys Jones
  3. Jellybean Jones
  4. Betty Jones
6. What does "Radices Currere Abyssi" on the gate of the Blossoms mansion mean?
  1. "Roots Run Deep"
  2. "Take Care of Yourself"
  3. "Branches Fall Off"
  4. "Roof Is Low"
7. Who did Veronica Lodge replace in the band "Pussycats"?
  1. Josie McCoy
  2. Trula Twyst
  3. Melody Valentine
  4. Valerie Brown
8. Who dies at the end of "The Great Escape" episode?
  1. Waren Norton
  2. Joaquin
  3. Ethel
  4. Betty
9. What is the name of Archie's dog?
  1. Santos
  2. Devil
  3. Vegas
  4. Max
10. Which of these people has never been in the Riverdale Bulldogs football team?
  1. Reggie Mantle
  2. Jughead Jones
  3. Archie Andrews
  4. Munroe Moore
11. What is Charles's Smith occupation?
  1. FBI Agent
  2. Football Player
  3. Car Dealership Owner
  4. Singer
12. FP Jones was the leader of which gang?
  1. Pretty Poisons
  2. Gargoyle Gang
  3. Ghoulies
  4. Southside Serpents
13. How many members did the "Weird Sisters" group consist of?
  1. 4
  2. 2
  3. 5
  4. 3
14. What are the school colors of Riverdale High?
  1. Blue and Gold
  2. Red and White
  3. Green and Yellow
  4. Black and Silver
15. Who is the self-proclaimed "Weirdo" of Riverdale?
  1. Archie Andrews
  2. Veronica Lodge
  3. Jughead Jones
  4. Cheryl Blossom


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