Cole Sprouse Quiz: Can You Pass It Easily?

cole sprouse quiz
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Roll Up Your Sleeves And Get To Work On The Cole Sprouse Quiz

Are you one of those people who love Cole Sprouse? If your answer is yes, and his character in Riverdale is your favorite, then you definitely need to test your knowledge in this Cole Sprouse quiz! This quiz will check if you are one of the biggest fans of this American actor.

Cole Sprouse - Quick Information

Cole Sprouse is an American actor born on August 4, 1992. He was born in Arezzo, Italy. Cole also has a twin brother, Dylan, who was born 15 minutes before him. Sprouse began his acting career from the age of one, where he played in commercials and TV shows. Since then, Cole has played in many films or series, but one should distinguish those that made him the most recognizable:

  • Friends - since 2001, he began appearing in episodes of this iconic series as Ben.
  • Disney Channel - the boy plays the role of Cody Martin in the Disney channel.
  • Riverdale - Cole is playing the main role in this TV show as Jughead Jones. If you know Cole from this series, check out the Riverdale quiz as well.

In addition to these series, Cole Sprouse has starred in many movies (e.g., The Kings of Appletown or Five Feet Apart). Moreover, he has also been repeatedly nominated for many awards such as the Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Television Actor and Teen Choice Awards. In conclusion, many of these nominations ended with the actual winning of the award.

How To Play The Quiz? General Rules

This Cole Sprouse quiz contains 12 questions about Cole Sprouse. You will be asked questions about every aspect of his life, from his birth to this day. Each question will reveal four answers to choose from. Do you think you can pass this quiz with the best score? The questions will concern Cole Sprouse himself, but also his friends and family. Try your hand and show that you know everything about your favorite actor! Good luck!

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