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justin bieber quiz
Justin Bieber - Telenor Arena 2016. Foto: Kim Erlandsen, NRK P3, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 <>

How well do you know this great Canadian musician? You are probably one of those people who watched the beginning of the career of the young, just debuting musician with great attention. The Justin Bieber quiz will take you a few years back, and you will recall almost everything about Justin, and at the same time, you will move to the world of nostalgia.

Justin Bieber is one of the most famous musicians loved by millions of teenagers. He gained fame and the love of the crowd of female fans thanks to songs aimed at a younger audience, as well as thanks to his appearance. At the beginning of his career, Bieber created such megahits as "Baby," "One Time," and "Love Me."

Despite the enormous hype of the Canadian singer, Justin managed to cope with fame. Despite his tremendous success at such a young age, he remained himself and continues to create global hits in the POP, R&B, and dance-pop music genres.

Bieber's Beginnings

Justin Drew Bieber is a pop artist from London, Ontario, Canada. Bieber gained popularity from the social video-sharing platform YouTube, where he posted his cover songs. Artist has many fans worldwide but many haters as well. Like The Game's and 50 Cent's song says, "Hate It Or Love It." Which one do you choose? If the second one – then you should know the answers to the Justin Bieber quiz questions.

Justin Bieber is known mainly for his music, but not everyone knows that he is also an actor and songwriter. He starred in such movies as "Men in Black 3" or "Behaving Badly" with Selena Gomez.

The Canadian has a lot of feasts on his account with some of the world's greatest music stars, including Juicy J, Ed Sheeran, and Chris Brown.

When it comes to music awards, Justin has won virtually every possible title, including Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Brit Awards.


Justin has repeatedly said in interviews that he would like to talk to his fans normally at least once rather than hear them scream. It's like Bieber's syndrome - when a fan sees him on the street or in any other public place, she can't control herself. The most common reaction from fans is simply screaming, screeching, and disbelief that they managed to meet the musician.

Justin can get out of any, even the most awkward situation. During one of the concerts, his pants fell off in the middle of the show, revealing a part of his underwear, but the artist rose to the occasion and laughed, adding, "I know girls like it." A brilliant example of self-distance, don't you think?

His beginnings were not easy. His remarkable career and global popularity meant that his crowd of haters appeared along with the group of fans. Justin admitted that at first, he couldn't deal with negative comments about him, and he even cried because of it.

If You Pass This Justin Bieber Quiz, Then you got that yummy-yum

This quiz contains 10 questions. Each question will be about not only Bieber's musical career but also his private life, relationships, childhood days, and many other things that you may not even know. Finally, considering yourself a Belieber, you need to get the maximum score. Only in this way can you confirm your love for this extremely popular Canadian musician.

The quiz presents both questions and answers. You'll be able to see your final result after you answer all of them. Invite your friends to play together and compare your results - will you manage to be the best? Good luck!



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