Taylor Swift Lyrics Quiz: Are You The Biggest Fan?

taylor swift lyrics quiz
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How much do you know about Taylor Swift? If you visited this page, then I guess you're here to start the Taylor Swift lyrics quiz, don't you? Well, we gotta tell you one thing before you start the quiz: it won't be easy. In other words, only a big fan of Taylor Swift can complete this quiz without making a single mistake. Do you consider yourself a fan? Read the rest of the article about this American singer and find out!

Taylor Swift - Her Beginnings

Her full name is Taylor Alison Swift. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania, US. At the age of 14, Taylor Swift moved to Nashville, Tennessee to start her career in country music. Later on, Swift was noticed by an American record executive, owner of Big Machine Records - Scott Borchetta. Taylor signed a contract with the label and some time later she released her first studio album, named Taylor Swift (2006). Afterward, her album achieved huge success and more than 7 million copies were sold. However, Taylor Swift didn't rest on her laurels and releases six more albums to this day in 2019.

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Did you know? Facts & Trivia

    1. Her first song was called "Lucky You" and she wrote it when she was just 12 years old
    2. 13 is Taylor Swift's lucky number
    3. Cheesecake is her favorite food

If you wish to learn more about Taylor Swift and her life in general, then check these 40 fun facts about Taylor Swift. In the meantime, you can start the Taylor Swift Lyrics Quiz!

Quiz Information - How to Play?

This quiz consists of 13 questions about Taylor Swift lyrics. Every question will be shown one by one. Each one will show you four lines of lyrics, and you'll have to guess the song's name based on these lyrics. Finally, if you feel confident about your knowledge of Taylor Swift lyrics, then it shouldn't be a problem for you to get an excellent score on this quiz. Let's find out if you can make it! Good luck!



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