Blackpink Quiz: Are You A K-Pop Expert?

blackpink quiz
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Korean pop culture has secured its place in the minds of fans of the mass culture around the world in recent years. How much do you know about the K-pop group Blackpink? Do you think you are one of the "Blink" and you can outshine other fans with your knowledge? Try your hand at the Blackpink Quiz and show everyone how devoted you are!

It's safe to say that Blackpink is the equivalent of BTS. Both of these bands come from South Korea and break all records when it comes to the music scene. They differ in only one detail, Blackpink is a group of women, and BTS - men.


Before you proceed to the Blackpink quiz, it's worth reading some interesting information about your favorite K-pop band. You may think you know everything about them, but the following information is still worth reading just to give yourself a little warm-up before starting the quiz.

Blackpink is a South Korean music group consisting of 4 girls: Rosé, Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo. Blackpink is mainly associated with K-pop but also creates hip hop, EDM, and J-pop. The group of singers debuted in 2016 with the single album Square One. Blackpink has already released several single albums and studio albums (i.e Blackpink in Your Area or Square Two). Thanks to their unique style and a huge talent, the girls have gained incredible popularity around the world, and their fan base is growing at an alarming rate. Not without reason, the group became the first female K-pop band to get to the Billboard Emerging Artist Chart.

The girls can also boast of many awards, millions of fans gathered on Instagram, and several Guinness records. In fact, it took them only 4 years to reach a peak that many artists will never achieve.

It is worth mentioning that the name of the band also has an interesting meaning. Blackpink is a combination of two different colors, pink and black. The name of the group means that beauty is not everything. YG Entertainment, the girl band's label explains that the name suggests that the band has both a pretty image, they are feminine and beautiful, and on the other hand they are very savage, they have artistic talent. Their electrifying concerts, choreography, songs, friendship, and style - this is a completely new level of artistry.


  • Kim Jisoo is the oldest member of Blackpink
  • Ddu-Du Ddu-Du is one of the best-selling songs of 2018
  • Rosé was born in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Lisa is the youngest member of Blackpink
  • Blackpink's first studio album is named Blackpink in Your Area
  • There is no leader in the group because the members are close friends
  • Some fans think Jisoo looks like Jin from BTS

Blackpink and BTS are two K-Pop bands that compete in performance on streaming platforms and on the world's stages. Both of these bands break records of all time. The Blackpink and BTS collaboration is something the whole world is waiting for. The BTS quiz is another great test of your knowledge. The K-pop trivia awaits!


This quiz contains 12 questions. The questions will relate to Blackpink's present career as well as the past, and the private life of each of the girls. Get some K-pop swag and try to beat the Blackpink quiz with a perfect score! If you consider yourself a real "Blink" then most of these questions should not be a problem for you! Test yourself and prove that your knowledge about Blackpink is perfect! Don't hesitate and tackle these questions now! Good luck!



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