Blackpink Quiz: Are You A K-Pop Expert?

blackpink quiz
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Are you a Blackpink fan who prides themselves on knowing all there is to this K-pop sensation? Can you confidently claim your spot among the ‘Blink’ fandom, outshining others with your in-depth knowledge? It’s time for the ultimate Blackpink Quiz, showcasing your dedication to the fullest!

Blackpink’s Road to Success

Hailing from South Korea, Blackpink has been stealing hearts and charts since its spectacular debut in 2016. Composed of the talented quartet – Rosé, Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo – this dynamic group has seamlessly blended K-pop with hip-hop, EDM, and J-pop, creating a unique sonic experience that has garnered a global fanbase.

Their first foray into the music scene was the single album ‘Square One’, paving the way for several hit studio albums like ‘Blackpink in Your Area’ and ‘Square Two.’

The record-breaking group has not only taken the K-pop industry by storm but also made waves internationally, becoming the first female K-pop band to grace the Billboard Emerging Artist Chart. 

The girls have indeed made their mark, racking up prestigious awards, amassing millions of followers on Instagram, and etching their names in the Guinness World Records. Impressively, they’ve soared to dizzying heights of success in a mere four years, achieving what many artists only dream of.

More than just pretty faces, these artists smash stereotypes by delivering fierce, pulsating performances that command attention. Their ground-breaking music, synchronized dance routines, unshakeable camaraderie, and trendsetting fashion choices establish them as leaders in their genre.

So, when you hear ‘Blackpink,’ think of more than just a color palette. It’s a testament to their ability to redefine beauty norms, showcasing a dynamism that oscillates between the soft allure of pink and the raw power of black. With every concert, song, and performance, Blackpink continues redefining modern music’s landscape.

Did You Know?

  • Kim Jisoo is the oldest member of Blackpink
  • Ddu-Du Ddu-Du is one of the best-selling songs of 2018
  • Rosé was born in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Lisa is the youngest member of Blackpink
  • Blackpink’s first studio album is named Blackpink in Your Area
  • There is no leader in the group because the members are close friends
  • Some fans think Jisoo looks like Jin from BTS

The music scene pulsates with the fiery competition between two titanic K-Pop sensations, Blackpink and BTS. These superstar bands continue to shatter records and take the world by storm with their electrifying performances and catchy tunes.

In the meantime, challenge yourself with a BTS quiz, a fantastic way to showcase your knowledge. Step up and play your part in the K-pop trivia game.

How to Play?

Time to show off your Blackpink mastery with our challenging quiz. This 15-question showdown will test your knowledge of Blackpink, from their explosive career moments to the members’ personal lives. 

Believe you’re a true Blackpink fan? This quiz should be a walk in the park! Prove your fandom loyalty! Time’s ticking – get started on these questions and strut your way to a perfect score! Best of luck!

Questions Preview

1. When the group debuted with their single album Square One?
  1. August, 2017
  2. August, 2016
  3. June 2018
  4. July 2016
2. What is the name of Blackpink's fandom?
  1. A.R.M.Y
  2. Limelights
  3. Blink
  4. EXO-L
3. Who is the oldest?
  1. Jennie
  2. Rosé
  3. Lisa
  4. Jisoo
4. Where was Rosé born?
  1. Australia
  2. South Korea
  3. Thailand
  4. New Zealand
5. What is the name of Blackpink's first studio album?
  1. Square One
  2. Blackpink in Your Area
  3. Square Two
  4. Kill This Love
6. Who is the youngest? (Maknae)
  1. Rosé
  2. Lisa
  3. Jisoo
  4. Jennie
7. What is Rosé's real name?
  1. Rosa
  2. Rosabel
  3. Roseanne
  4. Rosabeth
8. Who is the main vocalist of Blackpink?
  1. Rosé
  2. Jisoo
  3. Jennie
  4. Lisa
9. Where did Jennie live for 5 years?
  1. Australia
  2. Thailand
  3. New Zealand
  4. USA
10. Who is the main dancer of Blackpink?
  1. Jisoo
  2. Jennie
  3. Lisa
  4. Rosé
11. What entertainment company does Blackpink belong to?
  1. Interscope
  2. YG Entertainment
  3. JYP Entertainment
  4. TOP Media
12. What is the name of Blackpink's second Korean mini-album, released in 2019?
  1. Kill This Love
  2. Square Two
  3. Square Up
  4. As If It's Your Last
13. Which member is fluent in English, Korean, and Thai?
  1. Jisoo
  2. Jennie
  3. Rosé
  4. Lisa
14. What was Blackpink's first song to hit 1 billion views on YouTube?
  1. Kill This Love
  2. Boombayah
  3. Ddu-Du Ddu-Du
  4. How You Like That
15. Who was the first member to have a solo project?
  1. Jisoo
  2. Jennie
  3. Rosé
  4. Lisa


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