BTS Quiz – How Well Do You Know The Boy Band?

BTS Quiz


Bangtan Boys (BTS in short) is a South Korean boy band that consists of 7 members. How well do you know the crew? Can you list all members one by one? Do you listen to BTS on a daily basis? Finally, are you one of their biggest fans? If your answer was 3 times YES, then you definitely have to start the BTS Quiz and see if you can answer all of the questions correctly.

BTS - Their History

BTS was formally founded in 2013 when the group released their debut album named "2 Kool 4 Skool". Their main music genre was hip-hop, but over time Bulletproof Boy Scouts have started to expand their horizons and tried different genres of music, like k-pop or R&B. Later on, Bangtan Boys released many more great studio albums both in Korean (i.e Dark & Wild) and Japanese (i.e Youth) language. Despite the fact that BTS isn't singing in English, they still gather millions of fans all over the world. As time passed, from 2013 to this day, BTS has become one of the favorite Asian boy bands in the world. In 2019, the group has reached 5 million streams on Spotify, being the first Asian band to achieve this.

We've got some fun facts about BTS before you start the quiz, they may also help you to complete it with a maximum score!

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BTS - Trivia

  • The name BTS itself has many meanings, but the important one is "Bangtan Sonyeondan" (from Korean), which means "Bulletproof Boy Scouts". Member of the group, J-Hope said that the meaning of these words is "to block out stereotypes, criticisms, and expectations"
  • BTS consists of seven members
  • RM learned English from... tv show! "Friends" to be exact
  • All of the BTS members are from different provinces

BTS Quiz - How to Play?

The rules are simple. The quiz consists of 11 questions. You will be asked one question at a time and will have to choose from 4 answers, where only one is correct. After each question, you will be able to see if your answer was correct or not. At the end of the quiz, you will see your total score and correct/incorrect answers list. So, are you ready to start the quiz about your favorite band? Show the power of A.R.M.Y and aim for a maximum score! Good luck!