The Hardest ‘Friends’ Quiz You’ll Ever Take

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Are you a fan of the TV show "Friends"? Do you know all the episodes by heart and perfectly remember even the most minor details? Do you remember Ross the romantic scientist or Rachel - coquette? Perhaps you prefer the pedantic Monica or Joey, the cool guy? A lot can be said about this great sitcom, but one thing is for sure, you will never get bored watching it. If you also love the adventures of Monica, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Joey, and Chandler, check how you stand with the knowledge of this famous production! The Friends Quiz is the best way to make your night out.

But before you start the quiz, let us take you back to 1994, when you were eagerly sitting on the couch and turning on the TV. The whole family was together; everyone was waiting for their favorite series to start. The show's directors made the impossible possible: they created a sitcom that, despite the passage of time, never gets old.

What is 'Friends' About?

Friends is an American comedy TV show about a group of friends (Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross) living in Manhattan, New York. The series was broadcast from 1994-2004, so for over ten years, it was hosted by millions of families. It is impossible not to mention that "Friends" has become a cult sitcom that does not close in any time frame.

The title Friends refers to six different personas that complement each other perfectly. Regardless of adversities, they could count on each other in any situation. The show was created by Marta Kaufmann and David Crane and accompanied viewers for the entire ten seasons.

Before we get to our Friends quiz, did you know that this sitcom helps fight depression or anxiety? Keep reading, and you will be surprised!

Friends is a humorous show that helps fight anxiety and even depression. According to clinical psychologist Marc Hekster, this sitcom is an excellent treatment for the diseases mentioned above. According to the psychologist, watching Friends is a kind of repair experience because we watch characters who always have some worries. However, these worries or problems are somehow overcome after a while - which is what it is about dealing with seemingly trivial issues. The series shows how you can get out of any, even the biggest problem, with the help of your friends.

Read the full interview with Marc Hekster on the Metro website.

Take The Ultimate 'Friends' Quiz

Take our quiz and find out what you remember about the most iconic masterpiece to date! The examination consists of 15 questions. The questions will be as complicated as Ross and Rachel's relationship. We warn you right away that it will not be easy. To answer each question correctly, you need to know this sitcom by heart. Perhaps it would be worth returning to Friends and refreshing the entire series. With such a fantastic TV show, you will watch ten seasons one after the other. Finally, we guarantee you will not tear away from the TV.

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