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pretty little liars quiz
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While you might pride yourself on never missing an episode, the true test of your fandom awaits. Try your hand at our Pretty Little Liars quiz and ascertain the depth of your knowledge about this show.

Inspired by Sara Shepard’s novel, the American teen mystery-thriller drama “Pretty Little Liars” was brilliantly crafted by I. Marlene King. In this series, four friends unite against an unknown foe. The enemy threatens that their darkest secrets will be revealed. Also, the foe investigates the reason behind the disappearance of their best friend, the leader of their friendship group. 

Series Premiere

Before you get into our Pretty Little Liars quiz, you should be interested in learning when it premiered. The series premiered on the 8th of June 2010 and ended on the 27th of June 2017. The ABC Family that produced this series ordered an additional 12 episodes after the first 10. The additional 12 episodes were ordered on the 28th of June, 2010. Beyond the initial eight seasons, the success of the initial episodes prompted the book series to be extended. Right from its debut, the series got mixed reviews from television critics. However, the series continued to bring relative success to the ABC Family, gathering a large fan base.

Contrary to appearances, a quite similar series to PLL is Riverdale, which also carries a similar message. Love, lies, and riddles. Surely, you’ve heard of the show, and the Riverdale quiz is another knowledge test where you can try your hand.

Huge Viewership

Around 1.41 million people viewed the finale of the series. This series has the second-highest rating of any cable television series that was telecasted that night. Also, in 2019, the series won the Best TV Show BreakTudo Awards. Not just this award, right from the year 2010, the series has won many awards. From 2010 to 2019, Pretty Little Liars was nominated for many awards and honors. In 2010, the series won the Teen Choice Awards under three different categories. The first award is for the show, and the second is for the male and female awards won by Ian Harding and Lucy Hale, respectively.

The first season’s highest-rated episode of Pretty Little Liars is the finale, with 3.64 million views. Also, the premier of the second season and finale episodes yielded nearly 3.7 million viewers. The show maintained a steady viewership of more than 2.5 million, and it is the only show to yield an average of more than 2 million viewers.


Right from the initial premiere, the series remained popular. In 2016, a study by the New York Times revealed that this show, with more than 94% likes from women on Facebook, is one of the top 50 television shows to get this honor. The series brought the distinction of being ABC Family’s top 5 telecasts with most adult viewers. How much do you know about Pretty Little Liars? We are here to help you with our Pretty Little Liars quiz.

Think You Can Ace This Pretty Little Liars Quiz With Ease?

The Pretty Little Liars is a relationship drama filled with secrets, intrigue, mystery, and fun. You might have never missed watching even a single episode of this teen series. But do you know everything about it? Nothing to worry about! We have provided the quiz to help you with this. You can judge your knowledge and even challenge your friends on whether you are knowledgeable about this series or any of your friends! Start getting into the knowledge war now with our quiz.



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