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Accurate Lightsaber Color Quiz

Star Wars is a deep ocean of intriguing aspects. There is always something new from this series, sure to excite everyone knowing it. One such aspect is the lightsaber, an elegant yet powerful weapon of the Jedis and Sith. While Jedi Knights use the sabers to guard the galaxy, their rivals Sith use them for destruction. Star Wars lovers know well that every Jedi and Sith must construct their sabers to complete their training. Just before you start the lightsaber color quiz, get to know what each of them means.

The spectacular colors of the lightsabers come from the Kyber Crystals present inside them. These colors depict a lot about the owner's persona. It is about the Jedi's connection with the Living Force and whether the owner is a fighter or an ambassador. Wonder what your lightsaber color could be and its meaning? Here is our lightsaber color quiz.

Lightsaber Color Personality Quiz

We include all the hues of the Star Wars universe in our quiz. We update our information based on the latest updates related to these swords. We try and analyze your personality through the examination to match it with the appropriate Kyber Crystal color.

The following are some famous lightsaber colors and their meaning.

Blue – these sabers are the most prolific of all lightsaber colors. Exceptionally well-trained Jedis use blue sabers. They represent galactic peace, excellence, and skill.

Green – Jedis, with a significant connection with the Living Force, use the green sabers. Green symbolizes competence and knowledge with a deep comprehension of the Force.

Red – known for the forging nature, red lightsabers are never used by the Jedi Knights. These are for the villainous beings of the Star Wars, i.e., Sith. Red is believed to be the result of the Kyber Crystals bleeding.

Purple – these sabers are among the most enigmatic colors of Star Wars. Alluding to reconstruction, moral ambiguity, and rehabilitation, purple sabers present a strong connection with both the Light and the Dark forces.

White – one rarest lightsaber, the white, is usually linked to Ahsoka Tano. The Crystal turns white or neutral when its pain is cured. White lightsaber reflects goodness.

Black – dark or the black saber is the only one known to have existed in its kind. Created by the first Mandalorian ever, this saber features a plasma blade rather than an energy beam. It is a potent symbolism of leadership.

Yellow – yet another rarest blades, yellow sabers are primarily for the Jedi Sentinels. Yellow is a perfect balance between green and blue sabers. These depict refined talents in academics and martial arts.

Orange – another rare blade, the orange saber is believed to be used only when necessary. So, it is an exceptionally rare saber used in Fallen Order of Star Wars.

Some other hue colors like bronze, magenta, etc., also appeared in Star Wars but, there is not much information about what they mean. Apart from color segregation, we also provide an analysis of the following details.

Laser Sword Hilt

This isn't precisely a hilt quiz, but your answers can tell us about the sword's handle. The hilt is also crucial to the Jedi, just like the hue. So, our quiz covers them both.


As mentioned above, the color says what kind of a Sith or Jedi you are. So, we designed our lightsaber color quiz such that your saber color gives insights into your personality.


Star Wars fans know that there are the Dark and the Light sides of the Force. Jedi chooses the Light while Sith imbibes the Dark. Your saber color can talk about this and help understand your beliefs too.

As per the Star Wars universe, the Kyber Crystal makes a hum when its color matches the user. So, you can also find out about this from our quiz. PS. That's not all! We've got more Star Wars content waiting for you! How about a Star Wars trivia quiz?



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