QUIZ: Which Young Royals Character Are You?

which Young Royals character are you

The buzz around the globe is undeniable; everyone’s talking about the hit Netflix series Young Royals. If you’ve found yourself watching and re-watching episodes, eagerly examining every scene, you’re in the perfect place. And perhaps you’ve wondered: which Young Royals character are you? This page offers a tailored quiz to help you make that exact determination.

The Young Royals – A Brief Insight

Originally released on Netflix, Young Royals brings to life the world of Swedish royalty. But more than the glittering crown, it explores the raw struggles of teenage life. The series digs into themes of love, identity, and the pressures of fitting into predetermined molds.

The storyline offers viewers a fresh perspective on royalty, showing that behind the titles and fancy attire, they are just like us, facing similar challenges and aspirations.

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Essential Characters From Young Royals

Since its release, Young Royals has magnetized a massive audience, many of whom binge-watched the entire season in mere days. The narrative’s strength lies in its characters. Each brings a remarkable personality to the series, making fans curious to discover which character they most align with. Could your nature sync with Wilhelm, Erik, Simon, or maybe Sara?

Wilhelm: The crown prince thrust into the unforgiving environment of Hillerska, Wilhelm, tries to juggle the weight of the crown with teenage emotions. Throughout the series, we watch him grow, learning to balance duty with personal desire.

Simon: A passionate singer with a kind heart, Simon’s character is refreshing. He’s the juxtaposition to the royal world, offering viewers insights into a life devoid of regal ceremonies but rich in genuine connections.

Sara: Wilhelm’s roommate and confidant, Sara, is fierce and loyal. Her character explores the challenges of being a female in a male-dominated space, adding depth to the storyline.

Erik: Wilhelm’s elder brother, Erik, is the embodiment of responsibility. His character touches on the weight of expectations and the sacrifice it demands.

Young Royals Character Quiz

Dying to know which Young Royals character you are? It’s simple. The quiz will guide you through a series of questions tailored to understand your personality nuances. By the end, after careful analysis and matching with the characters from the series, you’ll discover which Young Royals character is a reflection of you.

If you’re curious and eager to find out, go ahead and jump into the quiz. Find out which Young Royals character you are and share your results with the world. Before you go, don’t forget to check out other related quizzes!



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