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which Duggar are you

The Duggar family became a household name over the last ten years. The family gained popularity after being featured on the television show 19 Kids and Counting. Which Duggar are you? If you’ve fallen in love with Jim Bob, Michelle, and the family, you’ll likely want to find out. The devout Baptists are known for their unique personalities and the strange situations they often got themselves into.

Despite some controversies over the years, many fans still follow the family and look up to certain cast members. The Duggar family stood out because it had many unique members with personalities clashing from time to time.

Are you more like Jim Bob, Michelle, or Josie?

Who Are The Duggars?

The Duggar family became reality television stars thanks to the hit TLC show 17 Kids and Counting. As the show progressed, the family grew until the show’s name changed to 19 Kids and Counting. The first episode debuted on September 29, 2008. After 10 successful seasons, the show ended on May 19, 2015, due to legal controversy involving one cast member.

The series likely would’ve continued if the controversy had never happened. The Duggar family resides in Arkansas outside of Springdale. After meeting in the early 1980s, Jim Bob and Michelle married in July 1984. They launched several successful businesses, including a used-car lot, a real estate business, and a towing business.

Jim Bob also ran for office at one point only to be defeated by Tim Hutchinson. Regardless, The Duggar family is probably one of the most popular reality TV families of all time. Have you questioned, “Which Duggar are you?” You’ve come to the right place.

James Lee “Jimmy Lee” Duggar

“Jimmy Lee” is a strong personality with morality and caring right at the center. As the patriarchal character, paving the way for his clan, he holds his Christian values close to his heart. He is not only a caring man, but his personality’s strong desire to succeed commonly spills over into his family. A born leader persona not opposed to giving a push in the right direction to steer his flock.

Michelle Duggar

The Duggar mother, Michelle, has a personality entwined with deep religious morals that fall right in line with Jimmy’s. At 56, Michelle has 17 living children ranging between ages 34 and 13. She is not shy about nudging her children when necessary. The only difference is her much gentler approach.

Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar was once an inspiring reality TV star. As the oldest son of a mostly female clan, Josh stood out and was a role model for his younger siblings. Medical experts believe Josh may have misunderstood. He has an extremely difficult time expressing his true beliefs. 

Jill Duggar

By choosing to step away from the Duggar family, Jill has shown great courage in doing so. Not only this, but it’s almost as if the Jill mentality has been trained to remain collective and intact under the analysis of the harshest critics.

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Find Your Duggar

Which Duggar are you? Isn’t it time to find out which Duggar matches you best? The family is massive, so it can be difficult to pinpoint your favorite character. While there are others, the most popular members include Jackson, Joy-Anna, Jill, Michelle, Jim Bob, Jessa, and Jana Marie.

The quiz on this page makes it quick and easy for users to find out which Duggar they’d be. It was created by individuals who have studied every character and every episode of the hit television series. The results will prove to be accurate and enlightening.

Be sure to share the results with other fans of the TLC show.



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