Harry Potter Characters Quiz – Only For Potterheads!

harry potter characters quiz
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Although many years have passed since the release of the last part of the adventures of Harry Potter, the entire series does not lose popularity. The wizarding world, brilliantly created by J.K Rowling, is not weakening. In fact, successive generations become big fans of the young wizard and his friends. You are certainly one of those people who fondly return to this magical tale, hence we have prepared a quiz for all devoted fans, namely the Harry Potter Characters Quiz.

As you can already guess, your main task will be to guess the character that will be presented in the picture. Each photo will show a given character, and your goal will be to guess the name and surname of this character. Sounds cliche? Perhaps, but certainly, our quiz will be a real problem for you!

Harry Potter Characters

There is no doubt that the Harry Potter book series is full of characters with unusual names or abilities. Each of us has our favorites, whom we like very much. On the other hand, we also have those we do not like very much. However, to get the highest score on our quiz, you need to show off your great knowledge of all the characters in Harry Potter. We are talking not only about the most popular characters but also about the supporting or episodic ones. You just need to know each character to even think about starting our quiz.

As an attached fan of the adventures of the young wizard, you should score at least 15 points in our quiz, otherwise don't even call yourself a Potterhead.

Before taking this quiz, you should find out which house you belong to at Hogwarts. That's why we invite you to the Hogwarts House Quiz.

There are many groups of characters in the HP series, including students, muggles, teachers, wizards, death eaters, the Order of the Phoenix members, or the Ministry of Magic members. There are so many characters in the Harry Potter series that you won't even be able to count them. Therefore, we believe that our quiz is quite a challenge for even the most dedicated fans of the series.

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Harry Potter Characters Quiz

Without further ado, the Harry Potter characters quiz contains 20 questions. So it's easy to conclude that your task will be to guess the names of 20 characters that appeared in the movies.

Prove your dedication to the series and get the highest score possible. Of course, you can always repeat the quiz if you think you can do better. Nothing prevents you from sharing it with your friends or family. Our quiz is sure to please even the oldest Harry Potter fans. Ready?

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