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Get Animated With Our Rick And Morty Quiz

Are you here with the intent to take up our Rick and Morty quiz? We extend our warm welcome to you. Of course, we will take you to the quiz. But, wait. We should gain some knowledge of the basic things about Rick and Morty.

Rick and Morty – Some basics

We understand that you are here to take up the Rick and Morty quiz, just because you know what it is. Yes, you have guessed it right! It is an American adult animated science fiction sitcom. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland created it for the Cartoon Network’s Late-night programming block called Adult Swim. So, just because it is an animated series, it does not mean that it is for kids. The series follows the mishaps of scathing fuming scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith. The grandson is a good-hearted person. However, he is restless and divides his time between adventures with multiple dimensions and domestic life. Critics acclaimed this series for its humor, creativity, and originality.

Why should you watch Rick and Morty?

Of course, you are here to take our Rick and Morty quiz just because you have already watched this series and even continue to watch it as well. But, what if your friends ask you why you recommend them to watch this series. Here are some reasons you can give them:

Full of comedy

The series treats all its characters as toys. The exception to this rule is Rick, the scientist grandfather. He takes his grandchildren on adventure intending to teach them when he is doing some tricky things. Whatever he does turns out to be a comedy. For instance, in one of the episodes, he leaves his granddaughter Summer in his spaceship commanding it “Keep Summer safe”. It gives two meanings of saving not just the granddaughter and also the summer season. What will the spaceship do?


The total, bizarre lunacy of the plot of this series and its settings attract many people. Each episode comes with a couple of plots that many people love about this animated sitcom. In every episode, there will be some adventure activity done together by Rick and Morty and the second is how the family members struggle to manage the crisis that both of them have created. The damage is either personal or sci-fi. How the family struggles it is a great plot and this plot makes this series engaging for many people. Many people feel that this aspect motivates them to come back to Rick and Morty again and again.

Loads of actions

Before you get into the action to take up our Rick and Morty quiz, we would like to talk about loads of actions involved in the series. The action-adventure makes this series intriguing for many people. Also, the actions generally have a madness associated. This madness makes this series engaging and interesting.

The animation

It is not just kids alone who will be attracted to animation. Adults equally love them. Above all, the superb animation comes with a comic aspect associated. Even in the mundane segments in this series, the animators never fail to impress the people watching.

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Take up the quiz

Now you know a lot why people terribly love Rick and Morty's adventures. Of course, you might also point out one of the above-mentioned reasons for your attraction to this adult sitcom. You might have some other reasons in your mind. Irrespective of the reason, you love the series. Our Rick and Morty quiz will surely increase your interest and love for this hilarious science fiction sitcom. Buckle up for a great experience now!



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