Which Gravity Falls Character Are You?

which gravity falls character are you

If you've never watched Gravity Falls, you're making a huge mistake. Disney has had a great streak recently when it comes to released productions. Starting with "Star Wars: Rebels," not to mention the hit "Frozen." Alex Hirsch's production is something that will make you feel like a child again while watching it. Gravity Falls is, on the one hand, a children's series, and on the other, it's something different... The older you get, the more subtleties and seemingly insignificant details you will discover. Characters. It is impossible not to mention the characters here. In addition to the twins - Dipper and Mabel Pines, we also have the spoiled Gideon, the grunting Naboki the pig, the spoiled Pacifica Northwest, and the intrepid teen Wendy. We could list characters endlessly to meet the fans' expectations; we have created a fun little quiz. Namely - which Gravity Falls character are you?

Each of the characters from "Gravity Falls" is expressive and noteworthy, and most importantly, not made by force, but part of a colorful puzzle.

The authors of the series are quite consistent. The plot is polished. The episodes are quite short, making it easier to spend a moment of free time on them than to watch hour-long episodes of another series.

The driving force behind the series is the relationship between the twins' Dipper and Mabel. Their relationship is extremely natural. Interestingly, Hirsch, the author of the series, has a twin sister, so he was most likely guided by his own experiences when creating the series.

But let's get back to the characters themselves. Who wouldn't like to spend their holidays like Dipper and Mabel? In the small town of Gravity Falls, located in Oregon. It is in this inconspicuous town in the province that is full of riddles and strange cases. Legendary monsters, vampires, superpowers, enigmatic neighbors, and amazing pigs are just some of what this town hides.

Certainly, you would like to be one of this series's characters, even for a while. We will try to at least, to some extent, meet your expectations and bring you a bit closer to your favorite hero. Today you will get the answer to which Gravity Falls character would suit you best in terms of personality. Who could be your soulmate. So what do you think? Which Gravity Falls character are you?

Which Gravity Falls Character Are You?

Before diving into the quiz itself, take a look at each Gravity Falls character's detailed personality descriptions. This will give you some knowledge about your favorite cartoon figures. Also, just by the description, you will find out which one matches your personality.

Dipper Pines

Dipper is quite brave and mature for his age. He can keep a cool head in any, even the most difficult situations. In addition, he is prepared for literally anything; he is a master of planning. He is also caring and considerate towards his sister Mabel.

Mabel Pines

Mabel is a naive optimist. She never looks at anything wrong. She forgives quickly and is unlikely to care what others are doing. She often acts a bit strange but is a nice and compassionate person who cannot and does not like to lie.

Wendy Corduroy

Wendy likes to hang around and break the rules. She behaves a bit childish for her age. She has many traits that she inherited from her father, such as courage and truthfulness.

Pacifica Northwest

At first, Pacifica was portrayed as a selfish, arrogant, and mean girl. She met all the conditions to be able to call her the stereotypical popular girl from school. In time, however, it emerged that Pacifica is an extremely confused figure who only acts like this because her parents keep her up to their strict standards.

Stanley Pines

At first glance, Stan appears to be a selfish, sarcastic, and greedy older man. However, the truth is that he is a really good person who has been negatively affected by years of failure and mistakes in his life. Despite his faults, Stan cares about his family and loved ones, though he rarely shows it.

How to Play the Quiz?

'Which Gravity Falls Character Are You' is another quiz in our series where you can find out which specific character from a given movie, TV series, fairy tale, or anything else would be your perfect personality match. As with the other quizzes in this category, all you have to do is answer a few questions about your personality and various other, often unexpected things. On the final page of the quiz, you will find out which character is written to you.



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