Which Naruto Character Are You Most Like?

which naruto character are you
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A story about a blonde ninja who, in order to gain his dream title, has to overcome numerous enemies and adversities. It sounds cliche, yet Naruto breaks records of popularity both in Japan and on the other side of the ocean. Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of the Naruto series is the characters. They are well written; each of them has a unique, often sad story that will put the viewer into a certain state, never leave him indifferent. There are no black and white heroes here. There is no division between good and bad. Each of the characters has their own motive for their behavior. Speaking of the heroes, let's not change the topic. After all, Naruto is full of great characters. So let's get carried away by fantasy. Let's move to Leaf Village for a moment and ask yourself - which Naruto character are you?

"Naruto" is a story about simple values. As such, it could be recommended to the youngest. However, there is also a lot of brutality in this series - blood appears in the fights, the defeated are deprived of life. It all makes the story really captivating. Each episode provides a lot of emotions, although it may require shortening the distance not to be discouraged by the naivety of some plot solutions. Aired since 2002, it provides a specific dose of experience.

Which Naruto Character Are You?

"Naruto" is primarily a large dose of humor and combat. However, it is impossible not to notice that the content often focuses on topics such as the value and price of dreams, various aspects of love, and finally - what life really is. Of course, nothing is stated outright.

You undoubtedly know every character in this legendary series inside out. However, as a lot of time has passed since the premiere and the end of the series, it would be worth remembering the most important and characteristic heroes from this production. We'll introduce some key characters without which this series wouldn't be the same. Then, which Naruto character are you?

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto is a young boy, often described as boisterous, spontaneous, unconventional. In addition, the boy is quite naive, simple, and thinks slowly. He often needs a simplified analogy to grasp a given situation. However, Naruto is aware of his mistakes and can admit them. Despite his huge dreams, he is not afraid to ask for help.

Sasuke Uchiha

As a child, Sasuke was playful, happy, and always smiling. Certain events in his minor life caused his attitude to change dramatically. He has become cold towards others, unfazed, and uninterested in what people think of him. In addition, the boy is intelligent, courageous, strong, and brave.

Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi is quite a complex personality. As a rule, he is a sober, strict, and serious ninja. Moreover, he is very aloof and apathetic towards others. Although his childhood was not the easiest one, the boy was able to deal with his demons.

Sakura Haruno

During her childhood, the girl lacked self-confidence due to her complexes. She was also a bit shy. The girl is very polite and nice to others. In addition, she is very self-controlled and introverted. As the years go by, Sakura's inner side changes dramatically, which affects her overall personality. She becomes more self-confident, expresses her thoughts openly, and becomes emotional and impulsive.

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi has always been quiet, persistent, and mature for his age. The boy is an observer type, distancing himself from others, observing their behavior, and drawing conclusions. Moreover, Uchiha was quite naive and gullible. It is also worth adding that Itachi is knowledgeable and hardworking.

How to Play The Quiz?

We won't hold you any longer, so we're already in a hurry to explain the quiz rules. We will present you with 15 questions about your personality or behavior in certain situations. Answer the questions as honestly as possible, and we'll be able to match your personality with one of the Naruto character's personalities. We will introduce you to your personality twin brother. Who do you think you will draw? Which Naruto character are you? Will it be the main character? Perhaps Sasuke? Just a moment and all doubts will be dispelled.



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