QUIZ: Which Care Bear Are You?

which care bear are you

Care Bears were first used on greeting cards before they became a media powerhouse. Even today, the fun characters charm people around the world. They’ve been featured in numerous movies, and their likenesses have been used to create teddy bears and other toys. Have you asked, “Which Care Bear are you?” The available quiz can provide you with a reliable answer in seconds.

The franchise features many different bears with different colors. They also have pictures on their stomachs that help determine their personality. More about this franchise and its characters can be found below.

Introducing Care Bears

The Care Bears franchise has been around for many years. Originally, the characters were painted by Elena Kucharik for greeting cards in 1981. Within two years, the likenesses of the bears were used to create teddy bears. Since then, the characters have been used for a television series and three feature films.

The bears are cute, and each has a unique personality. Fans can easily learn more about the character’s personality by looking at the picture on its stomach. The latest series, Care Bears: Unlock the Magic, was released on February 1, 2019.

The company has also launched a new toy line with help from Basic Fun. Even adults love the Care Bears because they allow them to relive their childhoods. Do you wonder, “Which Care Bear are you?” Once you’ve finished the quiz, you’ll know which bear you’d be.

Top Care Bears

The Care Bear franchise was exceptionally popular in part due to its cast of characters. Fans have fallen in love with Share Bear, Good Luck Bear, Love-A-Lot Bear, and others. These characters always make viewers feel accepted and loved. Originally, there were 10 bears.

Since then, the franchise has added many others.

Bedtime Bear

Although constantly mistaken as lazy and playful, Bedtime Bear is anything but. Bedtime Bear has a calming presence that could put any viewer to sleep. He was one of the original characters and remains one of the most popular. Bedtime Bear is popular because he is so laid back. It should also be noted that he has been in each incarnation.

Cheer Bear

With a bright pink fur coating and a multicolored rainbow belly badge, Cheer Bear always stands out. It’s not hard to surmise her personality is one of joy. Cheer Bear wants everyone to be more joyous. Cheer Bear’s perky personality often has her bursting into chants with a bouncy and exuberant energy that seems nearly inextinguishable.

Grumpy Bear

As the most downcast Care Bear, Grumpy Bear is viewed as the “black sheep.” Creators Ralph Shaffer and Jack Chojnacki mimicked the human personality which drives the franchise’s success. 

Grumpy Bear is like a crabby Care Bear that oftentimes finds himself alone. 

Love-A-Lot Bear

This Care Bear is one of the most loveable thanks to its name and caring demeanor. It has been around since the original American Greetings cards making it one of the oldest bears in the franchise. The character strongly believes in love. The perky Care Bear strives to make others love just as much as it does.

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Which Bear Would You Be?

Care Bears is a fun franchise that has been going strong for many years. There is a good chance that it will continue for many years to come. Once you’ve watched the show and have played with the toys, you’ll want to take your obsession one step further by finding out which character you’d be.

There has never been an easier way to identify your Care Bear. Which Care Bear are you? You can find out today by finishing the quiz. It only takes minutes to complete, so you’ll find your match before you know it.



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