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Like My Hero Academia and many other anime, Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is an anime adaptation from the manga. Attack on Titan tells a story about the world, in which evil and cruel Titans took over the power. These giants are killing innocent people without any reason. They're not killing them on a purpose, nor for food - they're killing these people for fun. Most of the world's population is gone, but there's one boy named Eren Jaeger who promised himself that he will kill every Titan on the planet.

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular animes at this moment. Do you like the story of AOT? Would you like to live in cities surrounded by walls? In a world, where Titans are trying to destroy humanity? In a world where you have to choose if you want to run or try to fight these cruel giants? If you're truly a fan of Attack on Titan and you love the plot presented in the manga and anime, then you definitely have to test your knowledge in this Attack on Titan Quiz!

As always, some pieces of information from this article may help you in completing the quiz with a maximum score.

Attack on Titan - Facts & Trivia

  • Hajime Isayama's (the author) favorite character is Jean
  • Yūki Kaji is Eren's Japanese voice actor
  • One of the titans which appear in the anime (s01e02) is Hajime Isayama's portrait
  • Eren's ears blush when he is lying
  • When Eren is in his titan form, his height is 15m

How to Play the Attack on Titan Quiz?

The quiz consists of 13 questions. You'll be asked questions from anime, mostly, but there may be some from the manga as well! Check if you think the same way as the author, Hajime Isayama. See if you can get a perfect score on the quiz and travel to Eren's world to fight evil titans! Good luck!

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