Which Ever After High Character Are You?

which ever after high character are you

“Ever After High” has captured the imaginations of many, with its enthralling tale of the children of fairy tale legends attending a unique high school. Each character, though familiar in origin, brings a fresh perspective to their legendary tales. Read on, and maybe by the end, you’ll have a clue about which Ever After High character you are before starting the quiz!

A Brief Information About “Ever After High”

“Ever After High” is a whimsical adventure set in a high school realm where fairy tale characters prepare to embrace their destinies. But not all are eager to walk the paths their parents did. This gives rise to two distinct factions: the ‘Royals’ and the ‘Rebels.’ While the Royals are content with their prewritten destinies, the Rebels yearn for the freedom to pen their own tales. The dynamic interplay between tradition and rebellion is what sets the tone for this enchanting series.

Key Characters and Their Traits

Apple White: The daughter of Snow White, Apple is a Royal who believes firmly in her destiny. She’s confident, charismatic, and a natural leader. While she seems perfect, Apple grapples with the weight of her predetermined fate.

Raven Queen: A prominent Rebel, Raven is the daughter of the Evil Queen. She’s fiercely independent, not willing to embrace her mother’s wicked ways. Her kind-hearted and rebellious spirit makes her one of the most loved characters in the series.

Madeline Hatter: Often called “Maddie,” she’s the daughter of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Cheerful and a tad eccentric, Maddie possesses the unique ability to hear the narrators of Ever After High. Her bubbly nature and optimism make her a standout Rebel.

Hunter Huntsman: Hunter is the son of the Huntsman. Brave and kind, he secretly dates Apple White despite being a Rebel. He values honesty and often finds himself torn between love and loyalty.

Exploring Their Personalities

One of the core elements of “Ever After High” is the complex personalities of its characters. They aren’t just confined to the archetypes of their fairy tale parents. They have hopes, fears, dreams, and challenges that make them relatable. For instance, despite being destined for her mother’s evil ways, Raven Queen wishes to rewrite her story, setting an example that one’s past doesn’t necessarily dictate their future.

Similarly, Apple White, though seemingly having a perfect destiny, questions the idea of predetermined paths. Despite having every advantage, she is emblematic of those of us who still grapple with the weight of expectation. These characters, with their layered personalities, reflect real-world struggles. Do you already know which Ever After High character you are?

Which Ever After High Character Are You?

It’s not just about who they are but who they aspire to be. The characters of “Ever After High” teach us that we are not bound by our past or traditions. We have the power to choose our destiny.

As you get into the quiz, remember it’s not about fitting perfectly into a mold. It’s about discovering a piece of yourself in the world of Ever After High. Perhaps you’ll find you have the courage of Raven, the optimism of Maddie, the leadership of Apple, or the sincerity of Hunter. 



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